Faith, farce surround Missouri-Kentucky game

Tickets still remain for Saturday’s contest.

Denouncing sex, masturbation and Kansas, members of The Antlers staged a Brother Jed-esq revival this afternoon in Speaker’s Circle to drum up support for the Missouri-Kentucky basketball game tomorrow. “Brother Jed” Smock, famous for using confrontational evangelism in Speaker’s Circle, worked for a decade to combat a lack of faith among MU students. After Jed’s departure this spring, The Antlers noticed Mizzou fans again lacking faith, this time in their basketball team. Junior Richard Barber, a two-year member of The Antler’s, said losses to Georgia, LSU and Vanderbilt has made fans lose hope. Barber helped stage the event which featured “God Hates Calipari” and “Faith In Haith” signs. In frigid, 25-degree weather, Barber rang out cries to passing students, despite only wearing a short sleeve gold dress shirt and black pants. He said The Antlers will stay outside from 10:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. “The faith keeps me warm,” Barber said. The Mizzou Ticket Office confirmed today that there are still seats available for Saturday’s contest against No. 11 Kentucky. A spokeswoman said that only single seats can be purchased and that students have not picked up all of their tickets yet. The cheapest seat in Mizzou Arena is going for $65. Saturday’s game is arguably the biggest home matchup this season for Missouri. “All (Mizzou) needs is faith, and they will succeed,” sophomore and second-year Antler member Julian Vizitei said. Missouri is scheduled to play Kentucky at noon Saturday.

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