Tiger soccer takes 3-2 comeback win

Missouri came back from a 2-0 deficit to earn the victory.

The Missouri women’s soccer team came back from a 2-0 deficit to beat Loyola (Md.) 3-2 in overtime on Friday night.

Loyola forward Nichole Schiro scored both goals for the Greyhounds, both in the first half. Schiro scored off of a free kick in the twenty-eighth minute. Missouri goaltender Paula Pritzen blocked the initial shot, and Missouri defenders blocked a rebound shot before Schiro scored off of another rebound.

Schiro’s second goal came off of a cross in the thirty-eighth minute.

“It was a tough situation,” Pritzen said of Schiro’s second goal. “We were marked up and our player headed it first, and then it hit off the other girl and rebounded into the goal.”

The Tigers had control of the ball for most of the first half, and much of the second half, but did not score until the seventy-sixth minute.

“We could have scored two in the first five minutes, but when we didn’t do that our group got a little frustrated and got out of our game plan that we used last week,” coach Brian Blitz said.

Blitz said that the Tigers struggles could be attributed to Loyola playing a defense that they had not seen yet.

“They were playing a 4-5-1 a little bit, and that’s something we haven’t seen yet,” Blitz said. “We didn’t adjust until the second half. I just said please stick with plan, it’s going to be an ugly goal.”

The first goal came from junior forward Kendra Collins, her first of the season. Collins scored off of a rebound off of a free kick by freshman Dominique Richardson.

Five minutes later, senior forward Alysha Bonnick scored the tying goal in the eighty-first minute. Bonnick was able to poke the ball past the last defender and the Loyola goaltender for the tying score.

The Missouri defense was able to keep the Loyola offense quiet in the second half, and force overtime at 2-2.

“We had a lot more opportunities offensively [in the second half],” Pritzen said. “Feeding off of that momentum didn’t give them very many chances.”

There were no scores, and few shots taken, by both teams in the first overtime period, and the game ended on a goal by Missouri sophomore midfielder Haley Krentz early in the second overtime period.

“I dribbled by a couple people, and looked up and just shot it,” Krentz said.

The comeback victory is the second of the season for the Tigers, whose first win came last Friday against Arkansas.

“It was a tale of two halves,” Blitz said.

It was the first time Missouri won a game in which they trailed this season.

“We showed awesome character coming back,” Pritzen said.

Missouri plays Milwaukee at home on Sunday before beginning Big 12 play next weekend at home against rival Kansas.

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