Tigers have suffered in postseason appearances

No national championships. Not even a single Final Four.

In Missouri basketball’s 108-year history, the Tigers’ basketball squad has experienced lukewarm success in the postseason.

Since the founding of the NCAA tournament in 1939, Missouri entered the tournament 26 times. The Tigers have achieved the Elite Eight five times.

Perhaps you don’t want to hear about the Big Dance after this season’s disappointment. Consider this: Missouri once went 32 years without a NCAA tournament appearance (1944-1976). So, maybe waiting another season doesn’t seem so bad.

NIT appearances haven’t been so good either for the Tigers. Missouri has made seven NITs but never advanced past the second round.

Actually, it didn’t seem to be in the cards for Missouri to make an NCAA tournament appearance this year. The Tigers have never made more than five consecutive NCAA tournament appearances in team history. This has happened three times, including this year.

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