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Friday, April 18, 2014
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In Print: Safety tips for apartment life

By Alex Stewart

The Columbia Fire Department shares simple tips to make sure you get your security deposit back.

The Maneater guide to affordable decorating

In Print: The Maneater guide to affordable decorating

By Molly Duffy

Easy projects that will spice up any residence hall or apartment.

In Print: New homes mean more attention for downtown CoMo

By Alfie Cox

The new Ninth Street complex will feature commercial space, competing with Chipotle.

In Print: Res Life prepares for record-high enrollment

By Teddy Nykiel

MU intends to use only one extended campus location.

In Print: Wise words for first time leasers

By Jenna Cook

Leases typically begin between May and August.

In Print: ASUM lobbies for pair of tenant bills

By Gregory Zajac

The bills would give transparency in protection for security deposits.

Prowlfiles: Old 63

By Megan Pearl

The complexes at Old 63 offer varied advantages and disadvantages.

In Print: East Campus residents examine neighborhood issues

By Gregory Zajac

Some residents believe students on East Campus are nuisances.

Res. Life copes with enrollment nearing capacity

In Print: Res. Life copes with enrollment nearing capacity

By Rachel Allred

New regulations would keep freshmen from living at extended campus.

New apartment building planned for downtown

In Print: New apartment building planned for downtown

By Amanda Bromwich

The new building will be nestled downtown.

Proposed law could move evictions to small claims courts

In Print: Proposed law could move evictions to small claims courts

By Wes Duplantier

Small claims court is a faster process with lower standards of evidence.

In Print: Nuisance ordinance enforced in extended campus

By Rachel Allred

The policy accommodates Columbia residents bothered by noisy gatherings.

Mark Twain renovations delayed

By Luke Udstuen

The change will delay the completion of Residential Life’s Master Plan for residence hall renovations.

In Print: Tiger Diggs Internet issues cause problems

By Megan Pearl

Residents have had problems submitting assignments online.

In Print: Residential Life considers University Village renovation

By Megan Pearl

Major renovations to University Village would increase rent.

In Print: New homeowners credit helps MU students buy homes

By Rachel Allred

McCaskill is against extending the measure.

In Print: Off-campus crime similar to on-campus

By Samantha Sunne

Theft is the most common crime in housing.

In Print: CPD, Hoppe hold safety summit in Sixth Ward

By Wes Duplantier

The meeting follows others across the city.

Ameren seeks electricity price hike in cities around Columbia

By Wes Duplantier

Communities around Columbia might see an increase next year.

In Print: Security deposits a gray area in leasing

By Will Guldin

Reading lease contracts can prevent discrepancies with landlords.