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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Tag: Four Front
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Who represents you at MU: a guide to student governments

By Emily Gallion | Aug. 21, 2016

MSA controls a $1.6 million budget and LBC is the country’s only university-funded black student government. Find out more about these and other organizations.

Joint session calls for MU to divest from prison labor

By Emily Gallion | April 27, 2016

MSA passed the resolution to condemn MU products made by state inmates, but some representatives questioned the research behind the legislation.

Multicultural Center hosts Allyship Week amidst campus tensions

By Alycia Washington and Madison Plaster | Dec. 1, 2015

“If there were more allies, maybe this wouldn’t happen,” Four Front Co-Chairwoman Alanna Diggs said.

On Campus: Three resolutions passed during second joint session

Posted to On Campus by Neeti Butala on Nov. 17, 2015 at 9:03 p.m.

Joint Session picked up right where it left off at 6 p.m. on Nov. 17 after voting unanimously to end early on Nov. 10 because of safety threats on campus. Joint session unanimously voted to pass three resolutions. The Missouri Students Association, Residence Halls Association, Panhellenic Association, Interfraternity Council ...

Students vote to end joint session because of safety threats

By Neeti Butala | Nov. 16, 2015

Students left Tate Hall with their arms linked together and were escorted by police. Joint Session is rescheduled for Tuesday Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. at Schlundt Hall 103.

Four Front and the South Asian Student Association look to bring light to MU during dark times with Diwali celebration

By Alycia Washington | Nov. 10, 2015

“To show solidarity with other cultures shows that we are willing to get past some of these issues that are plaguing our campus,” senior Alanna Diggs said. “When it comes to communities of color it shows that we are allies of each other and that we are no

First MSA debate highlights social justice issues, personal hardships

By Allyson Vasilopulos , Emily Gallion and Neeti Butala | Oct. 25, 2015

The next debate, hosted by the BEC and RHA, will be at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 26 at Bengal Lair.

Multicultural Center displays Hate Wall to give a voice to those who feel unheard

By Alycia Washington | Oct. 23, 2015

“Race and discrimination is a difficult conversation that a lot of people ignore on this campus,” senior Taylor Gentry said. “I know it’s difficult, but it's time to have that conversation, too many things have been going on and that’s why (the Hate Wall)

New co-chairs moving Four Front forward

In Print: New co-chairs moving Four Front forward

By Bryanna Leach | June 2, 2015

Ipsa Chaudhary and Alanna Diggs were elected in April.

Student government joint session passes of five resolutions

By Dun Li | April 28, 2015

Title IX Administrator Ellen Eardley opened the session by giving a speech

Simulated oppression scenarios create unique learning experience

By Wendy Hayworth | March 4, 2015

Participants are invited to walk through different theater experiences designed to display oppression of a marginalized group.

Letter to the Editor: Maneater editorial ignores work of advocates on campus

By Ashley Bland | Nov. 22, 2014

The work of four of our campus’ most influential groups should not be trivialized by an event’s title.

Editorial: Keep Ferguson spotlight in mind when rallying for change

When demonstrating on campus, students must recognize the public sphere they are being viewed in.

On Campus: Fall 2014 joint session passes six resolutions

Posted to On Campus by Waverly Colville on Nov. 16, 2014 at 2:25 p.m.

The fall 2014 joint session of MU student governments, hosted this semester by the Graduate Professional Council, gave updates on each organization and passed six resolutions. The Missouri Students Association, GPC, Residence Halls Association, Legion of Black Collegians, Panhellenic Association, Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Four Front were in ...

MSA debate highlights diversity, personal experiences and hardships

MSA debate highlights diversity, personal experiences and hardships

By George Roberson , Jack Waddell and Waverly Colville | Nov. 7, 2014

The debate was held Thursday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in Allen Auditorium.

Minority council strengthens goals and presence on campus

By Mallory Brown | Aug. 25, 2014

Four Front is planning on adding a secretary and a treasurer to their organization this year in hopes that it will create a more structured environment.

RHA hosts 2014 Joint Session with seven other student governments

By Elizabeth Loutfi | May 1, 2014

The eight student governments passed four resolutions during this semester’s joint session.

In Print: Muslim students lack designated prayer space at MU

By Elizabeth Loutfi | Jan. 29, 2014

Four Front and MSO members asked for an interfaith prayer space last year.

Big XII Council on Black Student Government, One Mizzou big topics at joint senate

By Elise Moser | Nov. 17, 2011

The meeting included leaders from LBC, MSA, RHA and Four Front.

MSA slates talk diversity in final debate

MSA slates talk diversity in final debate

By Molly Duffy | Nov. 7, 2011

Slates agreed during the debate that MU's traditions should be respected.

Bias incident reports not increasing despite new campaign

By Elise Moser | Sept. 30, 2011

The MU Equity Office is still optimistic despite no current increase in bias reports.

Four Front spends weekend bonding, learning at retreat

By Elise Moser | Sept. 27, 2011

The retreat gave members a chance to get to know one another.

In Print: Social justice student organizations in arms over diversity course failure

By Jimmy Hibsch | June 1, 2011

Faculty Council will push for a second vote on the initiative.

In Print: Asian American student organizations select future leaders

By Jimmy Hibsch | April 26, 2011

The elections occurred during Asian American Awareness Month.

In Print: New Four Front leaders focus on visibility, new studies

By Jimmy Hibsch | April 8, 2011

Goals include incorporating groups for students with disabilities into Four Front.

In Print: Plans for ‘One Mizzou’ underway

By Jimmy Hibsch | Feb. 25, 2011

In their first meeting, planners decided on a logo for the campaign.

In Print: Diversity Fee plans would reallocate funding

By Marie Mandelberg | Nov. 16, 2010

Student organizations receiving the fee currently have about $20,000 in carryover each year.

In Print: Diversity course requirement remains stalled in Faculty Council committee

By Zachary Murdock | Oct. 15, 2010

After six years, officials are optimistic the course will become reality.

'Hate Wall' exposes stereotypes

By Garrett Richie | Sept. 29, 2010

Students wrote down negative language associated with their identity on cardboard "bricks."

In Print: Student leaders, MU administration create diversity-focused group

By Amanda Capua | Sept. 28, 2010

The group is discussing student roles in the upcoming Diversity Summit.

In Print: HALO pushes to bring Pujols to MU

By Marie Mandelberg | Sept. 28, 2010

The organization said Pujols is a role model for Hispanic students.

In Print: Four Front organizations participate in weekend retreat

By Marie Mandelberg | Sept. 21, 2010

Students learned leadership skills through team building exercises.

Korean Thanksgiving celebrated at MU

In Print: Korean Thanksgiving celebrated at MU

By Jimmy Hibsch | Sept. 21, 2010

More than 200 people attended the event.

In Print: MU program offers tuition waiver for former Peace Corps volunteers

By Marie Mandelberg | Sept. 17, 2010

The organization attended Four Front's meeting Tuesday to ask members to consider volunteering.

In Print: Minority Census Social promotes participation

By Mary Novokhovsky | March 23, 2010

The event, sponsored by multicultural groups, aimed for census education.

In Print: Diversity fee carryover causes concern

By Kaylen Ralph | March 22, 2010

Groups funded by the diversity fee want to control allocation.

In Print: Deaton discusses diversity, degrees

By Megan Pearl | March 5, 2010

The meeting uncovered concerns about gender and cultural equalities.