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Bill lowers GPA requirement for unpaid MSA positions

The change was proposed last year but was withdrawn due to disagreement within Senate.

MSA student positions in standing committees filled for the first time

Ryan Alsop, Campus Safety Committee representative: “The thing is that administration, they want our voice. They want to have students in on these conversations because that’s why these universities are here.”

MSA explores strategies to lessen impact of Columbia’s “food desert”

“We’re really trying to branch out with the other organizations that are working hard and have been doing that for years, long before we even came to Columbia,” MSA senator Dylan Cain said.

MSA to cut auxiliary budgets

“Last year we trimmed most of the fat off of the budget, and that left us with the skeleton of the MSA budget. We came up on this year and, lo and behold, we had another small freshman class and there isn’t much fat to trim anymore.”

MSA senators push to implement “hydration stations” at Memorial Stadium

MSA is hopeful that the increased access to free water will help boost attendance at games.

Standing committee on campus health and wellness to be formed

Complaints about the elimination of student charge stemmed the recommendation that the committee be formed.

Campus Safety Walk aims to identify possibly unsafe locations around campus

A report outlining specific areas will be sent to various MU offices that would be in charge of addressing hazards.

MSA Senate pushes to define role of communications director

According to a new Senate bill, “the need for a Senate Communications Director has become necessary due to the expansive growth of social media.”

Junior Tori Schafer defines herself and empowers others

Schafer: “I’m a firm believer that your biggest loss is the start of your comeback story, so I'm looking forward to writing my comeback story."

Legislation calling on curators to allow firearms on campus fails in MSA full Senate

Senator Chris Vas: “More guns, more violence, and I agree with that, however I reject the idea that students are not mature enough to carry firearms.”

Proposed MSA legislation calls for curators to allow guns on campus

Senator Chris Vas: “If I stand across the street [from the university], I have unalienable rights to own a firearm, but if I step on this side of a street, all of a sudden my unalienable rights are gone.”

Willett/Englert take office at MSA presidential inauguration

Vice President Payton Englert: “One of the first orders of business is getting a new couch so we can continue coffee talk.”

MSA Operations Committee denies Willett/Englert’s first cabinet appointee

Twelve students submitted anonymous depositions to the committee regarding the candidate, Leslie Parker.

MSA proposes $35 student services fee

Budget Chairman Jack Blevins: “It’s a lot more focused to what students want.”

New policy allows students to use preferred names on student IDs

MSA Senator Sterling Waldman: “Not having people’s preferred name on an ID is a safety hazard. Being misgendered is a painful experience.”

MSA hopes to encourage use of open educational resources on campus

An OER is any resource that professors can use in the classroom free of cost to students

MU DUIs at lowest since 2001 as STRIPES nears 200,000 rides

Nearly 40 percent of college students said they had ridden in a car with a drunk driver, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

MSA and CDS host first Food Truck Friday event

The event will host a rotation of 10 food trucks once a week until Nov. 4.

MSA transparency is necessary and long overdue

Making the move to publish voting records online is much-needed.

Who represents you at MU: a guide to student governments

MSA controls a $1.6 million budget and LBC is the country’s only university-funded black student government. Find out more about these and other organizations.