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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Column: Goddell’s plan: How to make NFL playoffs worse

By Derek Franks

2010 Seattle Seahawks. Remember them? You probably shouldn’t. They made the playoffs despite finishing the regular season at 7-9, the only team in NFL ...

Column: Sometimes it’s good to be confused

By Derek Franks

Who doesn’t love the NFL’s early surprises?

Column: The Chiefs may get it right this time

By Derek Franks

The situation is oddly similar to Matt Cassel, but it could work this time.

In Print: The players on the field should not be second fiddle to Clydesdales and Taco Bell

By Kalen Wagoner

An event that should be about football is just background noise to a commercialized mess.

In Print: The Quest for Six Denied: An Obituary

By Danielle Lerner

One 49ers fan's heartbreaking retelling of Sunday's defeat

Column: After 'Bountygate,' Gregg Williams should not be allowed to coach again

By Derek Franks

The former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator interviewed with the Tennessee Titans on Monday.