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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Tag: RSVP Center
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MU says ‘Not Anymore’ to sexual assault

By Taylor Blatchford | Feb. 6, 2015

The program will require every student to complete an hourlong online training.

Green Dot Conference encourages preventing red dots

By Isabella Alves | Sept. 28, 2014

The conference drew more than 30 students, faculty and staff.

Letter to the Editor: Maneater ‘clarification’ a shameful misstep

By Bradley Babendir | Sept. 26, 2014

The editorial The Maneater posted Sept. 16 was shameful enough. They were rightly criticized for it in the Letter to the Editor that was posted Sept. 23. If the paper had apologized, addressed its wrongness, and maybe promised to do better, things might have been okay. Instead, The Maneater had ...

Letter to the Editor: Maneater editorial omits vital campus resources

By Rachel Swinney | Sept. 23, 2014

It's almost funny to me that so much misinformation about sexual assault resources was published out of an office literally around the corner from the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center. Almost. But it's not. It's not funny that The Maneater published an editorial about sexual assault ...

Editorial: Sexual assault resources must reach a wider audience

The Maneater recently received correspondence regarding our editorial that was published last week entitled “‘Enough is Enough’ is not quite enough.” Senior Rachel Swinney made valid points in her letter about what we left out of our editorial about MSA’s video that was sent out to the student body ...

In Print: RSVP Center moves from student government to MU’s hands

By Covey Eonyak Son | June 3, 2014

Director Mark Lucas said the center’s “unprecedented” structure and recent national scrutiny regarding Title IX influenced the decision.

MSA holds special session for referendum

By Elizabeth Loutfi | May 6, 2014

Missouri Students Association Senate Speaker Ben Bolin said 55 universities are under scrutiny from the U.S. Department of Education Title IX, which states that no person shall be discriminated against on the basis of sex in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistant. Bolin said MU is ...

RSVP Center hosts “Denim Day,” in honor of sexual violence awareness month

By Liz Henderson | April 24, 2014

Denim Day was started in California in April 1999.

In Print: Fighting rape culture begins with proactivity

By Pranav Shastry | Oct. 23, 2013

The habit of reactionary efforts need to change, former psychologist says.

TriCo, RSVP discuss domestic violence in LGBT relationships

By Elizabeth Loutfi | Sept. 19, 2013

Domestic violence in LGBT couples tends to go more unnoticed than domestic violence in heterosexual relationships.

Editorial: It takes everyone at MU to stop rape culture

We like to think we attend a school that is conscious, empathetic and welcoming to all. We like to imagine ourselves in the company of students who see the world in true color, who stand up when they see injustice and who, above all, seek never to cause injustice to ...

In Print: Official SFRC request passes MSA Senate

By Jill Deutsch | Nov. 2, 2012

Funding from the request will benefit RSVP, Tiger Pantry, DSA and other campus organizations.

In Print: RSVP raises sexual assault awareness, programs events

By Ciera Velarde | April 10, 2012

Denim Day will be part of this year's programming again.

In Print: International White Ribbon Campaign comes to campus

By Elise Moser | Dec. 6, 2011

Campaign urges men to end violence against women.

Workshop raises awareness for victims of relationship violence

In Print: Workshop raises awareness for victims of relationship violence

By Scott Delhommer | Oct. 21, 2011

Nearly one in every four women will face violence in a relationship.

Students use Green Dot Day to erase violence from campus

Students use Green Dot Day to erase violence from campus

By Elise Moser | Sept. 23, 2011

Green dots represent any act that prevents or distracts from a potentially violent situation.

Students wear jeans to commemorate Denim Day, promote sexual assault awareness

By Dani Kass | April 30, 2011

The RSVP Center worked with True North and the MSA/GPC Craft Studio for the event.

Green Dot Day raises awareness for sexual, relationship violence

By Jimmy Hibsch | April 7, 2011

The Green Dot strategy aims to promote a safer campus.

RSVP Center promotes stalking awareness

By Tony Puricelli | Jan. 21, 2011

According to a news release, women and young adults are most at risk.

MU Student Center opens additional offices

By Jimmy Hibsch | Jan. 11, 2011

Deserted offices in Memorial Union will be used as meeting space.

In Print: Clothesline Project gives victims of violence a voice

By Marie Mandelberg | Oct. 22, 2010

The Clothesline Project began in 1990.

In Print: Former MU athlete leads fight against relationship violence

By Jimmy Hibsch | Oct. 15, 2010

MARS is a male-focused branch of the RSVP Center.

Green Dot Mizzou aims to improve campus safety

In Print: Green Dot Mizzou aims to improve campus safety

By Marie Mandelberg | Oct. 5, 2010

The program's goal is to increase bystander intervention in certain violent crimes.

Students 'Take Back the Night' on Columbia streets

By Jimmy Hibsch | Sept. 22, 2010

The march takes a stand against relationship and sexual violence.

Green Dot program aims to prevent sexual violence

In Print: Green Dot program aims to prevent sexual violence

By Jimmy Hibsch | Sept. 14, 2010

The event teaches students how to intervene safely in potentially violent situations.