The Maneater

Jun. 06, 2020

Protester KateLynn Ketsenburg wears her mask with the phrase "I can't breathe".

Michael Jordan hits the game-winning shot in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

“Julianna Calm Down” is the latest single release by the Dixie Chicks.

College of Education supplies high schools with 3D printers and now they're using them to print masks and other PPE

Looking at how different MU colleges like the School of Journalism are changing their recruitment efforts.

Phoebe Bridgers held a live concert on Instagram live during quarantine

College of Textile and Apparel Management sewing masks for MU Health Care.

Streaming services you can use to binge content during quarantine.

Profiles on students part of the RJI Potter Digital Ambassador program that connects journalism students to small newsrooms

Taking COVID-19 seriously by staying home

MU Venture Club

COVID-19 has postponed and canceled many music events.

The Maneater will continue uploading remotely online.

Some tunes you can listen to during quarantine

Axel Okongo dunks a ball during warmups.

The pros and cons of True/False Film Fest.

"If colleges and universities want to cultivate inclusion, innovation and creativity, they should be actively supporting any legislation or action that supports public school teachers."

The pro's and con's of the True/False film festival

LGBTQ Legislature in Missouri

Self care is important to one's success and well-being.