The Maneater

Dec. 05, 2019

Lil' Joe Burton and Tim Duffy perform together for the Music Maker Relief Foundation at the Peace Park stage Oct. 4. The foundation raises money to help support traditional roots and blues musicians in need to keep the music alive.

T.J. Wheeler directs several children from Grant Elementary at the Flat Branch Park stage Oct. 4.

Outfitted with kazoos, fourth and fifth graders from Grant Elementary School had their moment of fame on the stage at Flat Branch Park on Oct. 4. The kids were part of T.J. Wheeler's Hope, Heroes and the Blues program.

Brian Treece, chairman of the Columbia Historic Preservation committee, speaks about rezoning historic property that will be used in the development of a new high school on Tuesday night. The committee, which is comprised of seven Columbia residents with experience in fields such as architecture and real estate, gives recommendations to the City Council regarding historic or significant properties and structures.

'Downtown Owl' proves that Chuck Klosterman can make anything funny - even small-town North Dakota.

'Downtown Owl' proves that Chuck Klosterman can make anything funny - even small-town North Dakota.

Whether you're on LSD, <i>Acid Tongue</i> is a musical trip.

Whether you're on LSD, <i>Acid Tongue</i> is a musical trip.

Sophomore Tiff Klaesner dances with Columbia resident Bob Edwards during Tiger Tango on Wednesday at the Columbia Area Senior Center. Klaesner and Edwards were one of the first couples to hit the floor at the annual event, which is part of the service portion of Homecoming.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden addresses hundreds of supporters Thursday night at Memorial Park in Jefferson City. Biden focused on health care and the economy while criticizing the tax cut plans of Republican presidential nominee John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin.

A budget shortfall in the UM system has forced a deferral of funds intended for building maintenance. Several projects have been put on hold, but select projects such as the re-roofing of Ellis Library, pictured Thursday, continue.

Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., seen at a presidential debate watch party Tuesday at the Boone County Republican Headquarters, recently apologized for his role in the firing of a U.S. attorney in 2006. Bond's apology came after a complaint was filed to the Senate Ethics Committee on Sept. 30.

Because of the need to reallocate resources, the KOMU/Channel 8 newsroom will eliminate its overnight shift starting Sunday. The move will affect five staffers and is not expected to have any effect on the station's programming or performance.

Triangle Coalition members Cat Edmonds and Troy Arrandale socialize and do homework as a part of Live Homosexual Acts on Thursday at Lowry Mall.

Signs were placed around Lowry Mall on Thursday to bring attention to those participating in Live Homosexual Acts for Coming Out Week. The demonstration was meant to show that being gay does not affect how people go about their everyday business.

Students and allies gather at the steps of Jesse Hall for the annual National Coming Out Day photo shoot. The LGBTQ Resource Center has organized the photo since 1996.

Triangle Coalition President Joshua Barton presents his Coming Out Tutorial on Wednesday in Memorial Union. Barton and those present discussed their own coming out stories.

A pride flag waves in Lowry Mall on Thursday in support of Coming Out Week, a national annual event that recognizes the identities of those in the lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, questioning and ally community. Students from MU's LGBTQ Resource Center were at the display in support of the celebration.

Republican supporters watch the second presidential debate Tuesday at the Boone County Republican Headquarters. Local Democrats held a watch party at Kayotea.

More than 500 students, faculty and community members attend an economic forum hosted by the Trulaske College of Business on Tuesday in Bush Auditorium. A panel of faculty and business professionals discussed the recent economic bailout plan and how it would affect local residents and businesses.