The Maneater

Aug. 05, 2020

Students in the VolleyZou section cheers for the Tigers against the Jayhawks on Thursday. More than 2,000 fans attended the match at the Hearnes Center.

Texas junior quarterback Colt McCoy will test the MU defense Saturday.

KCOU/88.1 FM General Manager John Dobson, Program Director Jonathan Hutcheson and several other staff members and supporters of the station react to discussions during a Missouri Students Association Senate meeting Wednesday in Memorial Union. A bill that would have set aside money for a new transmitting tower for KCOU was defeated by 13-13 vote with two abstentions, but both sides have pledged to continue working toward a funding solution.

Chris Kelly, Democratic candidate for the state's 24th District House seat, rallies a crowd during Demstock on Thursday at The Blue Fugue. The event was organized by the Young Democrats of Missouri, Stephens College Democrats and Columbia College Democrats.

Libertarian Chris Dwyer, Democrat Chuck Graham and Republican Kurt Schaefer answer questions from the audience during the 19th senatorial district portion of a forum Thursday at the Columbia Public Library. The forum also included candidates running for Boone County Administrator and the 24th state House district.

Freshman Miles Smith, sophomore Bryan Davis and freshman Jon Cleair hit a hookah on a balcony Thursday night at Campus Lodge. After several students were reprimanded for smoking cigarettes on their balconies, Cleair took his concerns to the Residence Halls Association and co-authored a resolution to formally accommodate students' rights to smoke.

For the first time, basketball coach Mike Anderson has the chance to fully develop a team of his own recruits in his system. Seven of the 13 players on MU's roster this year have never played basketball for the Tigers.

Freshman Sangeeta Shastry is guided through her first blood donation with the help of nurse Katherine Beeker on Thursday at the Hearnes Center. The two women bonded during the blood drive, with Beeker attempting to set Shastry up with another donor in a nearby chair. The annual Homecoming Blood Drive, in cooperation with the American Red Cross, is one of the largest drives in the world.

Amy Sand, Stephens College junior class government vice president, burns a bra while onlookers chant, "save second base," during the No Bra, No Problem event Wednesday at Stephens College. The junior class sponsored the event to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Stephens College junior Amy Sand and senior Dominique Richardson play a game of jump rope with stringed-together bras. Following the game, the bras were ceremoniously tossed into an open fire pit.

Local band Root of Two Experiment provides live music during the No Bra, No Problem event Wednesday at Stephens College. Organizer Amy Sand said about 70 people attended.

Patrick Wombacher and class government event chairwoman Alison Mode cheer on academic affairs chairwoman Gretchen Thurmer as she holds a flaming bra on a wood plank over a fire pit, about to drop it in. Instead of a form of protest like past bra-burnings, the event Wednesday at Stephens College raised awareness of breast cancer.

Vince Thayer dangles a burning bra Wednesday at Stephens College. Participants either brought their own bras or used donated bras from a stack near the fire pit.

Freshman Jeffrey Cook writes a note on the back of a red flag during the Symbolic Removal of the Flags ceremony Thursday on Carnahan Quadrangle. Allies in Action placed 1,752 flags on Carnahan Quadrangle to represent every suicide by a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person in the last year.

Women in Media and News director Jennifer Pozner gives a presentation Tuesday in Ellis Auditorium. Pozner analyzed gender roles in politics and the way media can slant qualifications and perceptions of female politicians.

MU College Republicans Chairman Jonathan Ratliff watches the third presidential debate with sophomore Eric Woods, junior Eric Hobbs and MU graduate Henry Atkinson on Wednesday at the Boone County Republican Headquarters. Local Democrats held a watch party at Boone Tavern.

When The Faint comes to town, it's time for a good ol' fashioned Omaha 'danse' party!

Junior Megan Wilson spikes the ball past Kansas senior middle blocker Savannah Noyes during Wednesday's match at the Hearnes Center. Wilson had four kills in the Tigers' 3-1 win over the Jayhawks.

If your urge to battle virtual Nazis is flaring up, look no further than 'Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.'