The Maneater

Mar. 24, 2019

With the rest of the band playing background music, Justin Lander of The Boxcutter Cabaret Puppet Tour tells a story at the Cherry Street Artisan during North by Southwest on Friday. The Boxcutter Cabaret is a collective of many musicians from all around the country.

Drinking glasses of Schlafly Beer, Mark Daniels and Emma Teixeivo talk during Reality Bites on Friday in Lela Raney Wood Hall on the Stephens College campus. Reality Bites offered patrons the chance to try local restaurants' food for free.

Biking down Broadway, Eric Bunch and his friend whom he would only call "Polar Bear" were just one of the many characters leading the way of the True/False Film Fest parade on Friday.

Parade goers look on while members of the horns section of Mucca Pazza play behind them on Friday. Sections of the band would surreptitiously join the crowd and then surprise the public with the band's music coming from all directions.

Accordiant player Ronnie Kuller marches in formation alongside guitarist Jeff Thomas as part of Mucca Pazza's routine during the True/False Film Fest parade on Friday.

Leading Mucca Pazza, sousaphonist Mark Messing marches down Broadway on Friday. Mucca Pazza is a marching band of sorts that dressed in outrageous costumes for the parade.

The True/False Film Fest parade moves toward Stephens College on Friday. The parade signaled the official beginning of the film festival, which will continue until Sunday.

If you want to get your special lady to stop 'fingerbanging your brain,' check out Ludo’s latest album, You’re Awful, I Love You.

Messy Jiverson wants to get messy with you. Prepare for chaos.

When The Mae Shi isn't thrashing about and playing incredibly hyperactive music, the band enjoys stacking their instruments and playing hide-and-go-seek.

Ssion’s fashion interests don’t stop at face paint, big glasses and hats from the Middle East. Control-top panty hose are also part of the fun.

Junior guard Alyssa Hollins tries to work through the Iowa State defense toward senior center Nicole Wilson during Wednesday’s game at Mizzou Arena. Hollins led all scorers with 17 points, but the Cyclones defeated the Tigers 58-54.

Junior guard Leo Lyons drives past Oklahoma State junior forward Anthony Brown on Tuesday in Mizzou Arena. Lyons had a season-high of 27 points and 18 rebounds.

Junior forward Leo Lyons goes for a reverse layup during Tuesday’s game against Oklahoma State in Mizzou Arena.

Columbia College junior Brian Harris props himself up against a support column after a 90-minute training session on Feb. 16 at Key Largo Fitness & Tanning. Harris called the workouts a ‘hell of a challenge,’ but vowed to pursue his goal of stepping into the cage.

Ira Mosely and Kevin Croom quick-jump over consecutive 18-inch barriers as part of an endurance exercise. Trainees alternated between this and the weights exercise for a total of 15 minutes following the conclusion of the fighting-based workout.

Ira Moseley, right, has trained with Hulett House gym for about a month, but he says he used to fight five years ago. At 25, he was the oldest trainee in the room and admitted he was nowhere near his former level of fitness, but Moseley was still able to keep pace with younger Kevin Croom throughout.

Hulett House Gym head trainer Rob Hulett instructs newcomer Gerald Sparks on mixed martial arts technique during an open training session at Key Largo Fitness & Tanning on Feb. 16. Hulett’s and his team of a half-dozen fighters has the highest winning percentage in the league.

Kevin Croom, right, engages in a fight with Ira Moseley on Feb. 16 at Key Largo Fitness & Tanning. Croom, whose record is 4-0-1 since his first major fight in August, is the most experienced fighter on the Hulett House Gym team.

Campus Crusade for Christ director Matt Thiessen discusses Christ’s love at the group’s weekly meeting Thursday in Ellis Auditorium. The international organization focuses on spreading faith through on-campus activities and mission trips.