The Maneater

Jun. 03, 2020

Roller derby team members stand on their toes for two minutes as a punishment for lagging in their previous speed-skating drills on March 6 at the Empire Roller Rink. The team members practice every Thursday at the rink.

Kim Peters puts on her skates before entering the rink for practice Feb. 27 at the Empire Roller Rink. All of the team’s players wear different types of socks, tights, skirts and shorts to the practices and the games.

Heather Garcia, Jessie Hawk and Kristen Smart skate by during a speed skating drill on Feb. 27 in the Empire Roller Rink. Drills such as this one help the players increase their endurance and speed.

Kristen Smart receives help from AJ Harrison during a leg-pressing stretch on Feb. 27 at the Empire Roller Rink. The players take about 20 minutes each practice to stretch before even putting their skates on.

Heather Garcia, Kristen Smart, graduate student Sarah Frei, AJ Harrison, Melodie Record, and Melissa Stemme perform a whip drill on Feb. 27 in the Empire Roller Rink. Whip drills train the players to help other teammates speed ahead when they become tired.

District 23 Democratic candidate Stephen Webber speaks to supporters on Thursday evening at Shakespeare’s Pizza. At this time last year, Webber was serving in the U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq.

Winfield resident Mary Ann Henke and Old Monroe resident Linda Carr wait outside the office of Rep. Steve Hodges, D-Bloomfield, Rep. Ed Schieffer, D-Troy and Rep. Sue Schoemehl, D-St. Louis County. Lobbyists stood outside doors of representatives' offices in hopes of talking to them about anti-abortion-rights legislation.

Affton residents David and Lois Herries listen to Cures Without Cloning treasurer Steve Rupp instruct supporters on how to collect signatures for petitions on Tuesday in the Capitol Building. The petitions Rupp distributed focused on a ballot initiative to close a loophole in an anti-cloning law.

St. Peters resident Clarice Daughterty looks at an information packet as her 18-month-old granddaughter Erica Juergensmeyer reaches toward her sister Rose Juergensmeyer on Tuesday in the Capitol Building. The packet contained information about what bills are supported by Missouri Right to Life.

Former Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee takes questions from the crowd at Columbia College on Thursday. Huckabee addressed the importance of preventing chronic diseases in addition to treating them.

Boone County resident Paul Brugmann speaks at a meeting on Thursday at Smithton Middle School. Citizens were invited to share their opinions about a civilian review board for the Columbia Police Department.

Tim Asher, executive director of the Missouri Civil Rights Initiative, speaks to the Central Missouri Young Republicans during their meeting Thursday at Domenico’s in Jefferson City. The Missouri Civil Rights Initiative is attempting to prohibit universities and businesses from giving preferential treatment on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.

Stop Traffic coordinator Paige Hendrix discusses her experiences in Dubai on Tuesday at Lefevre Hall. Hendrix’s talk was part of a presentation on the growth and sustainability of Dubai’s economy and infrastructure.

Trip coordinator Bill Allen watches Sandhill cranes ride thermal winds over cornfields near Rowe Sanctuary on Saturday. He has taken students on a Sandhill crane-watching trip for the past three years.

Junior Robyn Allen looks for cranes and other birds through a fieldscope on Saturday at Rowe Sanctuary. “Seeing the cranes for the first time was extremely memorable,” Allen said. “Like getting an intimate view of a large family — seeing how a social unit interacts, even deducing individual gestures.”

Sandhill cranes circle over the Platte River near Kearney, Neb., where they roosted overnight on Saturday. There were 60,000 cranes in the region as of the weekly bird count on March 6.

Wayne Wanta, director of the Center for the Digital Globe, and professor Patricia Brumfield Fry watch as professor Paul Martin Lester demonstrates how he lectures his class in a virtual reality social networking system on Wednesday in Jesse Wrench Auditorium.

Perry Chapman of Sasaki Associates gives a presentation on the coming years' planned growth of the MU campus on Wednesday at Memorial Union. The presentation gave an intimate look into the infrastructure of MU's central campus and surrounding areas.

Phyllis Williams, chairwoman of the Missouri Students Association Academic Affairs Committee, displays designs for shirts at a joint meeting between MSA, the Academic Affairs Committee and the Student Affairs Committee on Tuesday in Brady Commons.

Sophomore Kenneth Bennett takes a call for the Tiger Calling Club early Wednesday evening. The club, whose student members call alumni and parents for pledge money, is one of several organizations raising money for the For All We Call Mizzou campaign.