The Maneater

Jul. 13, 2020

Junior forward Leo Lyons goes for a reverse layup during Tuesday’s game against Oklahoma State in Mizzou Arena.

Columbia College junior Brian Harris props himself up against a support column after a 90-minute training session on Feb. 16 at Key Largo Fitness & Tanning. Harris called the workouts a ‘hell of a challenge,’ but vowed to pursue his goal of stepping into the cage.

Ira Mosely and Kevin Croom quick-jump over consecutive 18-inch barriers as part of an endurance exercise. Trainees alternated between this and the weights exercise for a total of 15 minutes following the conclusion of the fighting-based workout.

Ira Moseley, right, has trained with Hulett House gym for about a month, but he says he used to fight five years ago. At 25, he was the oldest trainee in the room and admitted he was nowhere near his former level of fitness, but Moseley was still able to keep pace with younger Kevin Croom throughout.

Hulett House Gym head trainer Rob Hulett instructs newcomer Gerald Sparks on mixed martial arts technique during an open training session at Key Largo Fitness & Tanning on Feb. 16. Hulett’s and his team of a half-dozen fighters has the highest winning percentage in the league.

Kevin Croom, right, engages in a fight with Ira Moseley on Feb. 16 at Key Largo Fitness & Tanning. Croom, whose record is 4-0-1 since his first major fight in August, is the most experienced fighter on the Hulett House Gym team.

Campus Crusade for Christ director Matt Thiessen discusses Christ’s love at the group’s weekly meeting Thursday in Ellis Auditorium. The international organization focuses on spreading faith through on-campus activities and mission trips.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile sits outside of Gannett Hall on Tuesday afternoon. The Oscar Mayer ‘hotdogger’ team came to MU to recruit upcoming graduates to apply to drive the Wienermobile and promote Oscar Mayer for a whole year.

Sophomore Zack Stoller watches as the meeting for Greeks Going Green begins on Tuesday in Strickland Hall. Members enjoyed free pizza and soda while they learned about member responsibilities.

Jeff Williams, assistant to the provost, passes out agendas to the Citizen Oversight Committee Thursday evening at Daniel Boone City Building. The committee discussed developing a civilian review board.

MU Faculty Council members gather at Memorial Union on Thursday. After meeting with officials at University Hall, the council passed revisions to the previously approved grievance policy.

MU College Democrats President Caitlin Ellis writes the names of those running for delegate positions in support of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., on Thursday at Rock Bridge High School. Fifteen delegates were chosen for Obama and 16 for Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., to reflect Boone County’s Democratic primary results.

Missourians for Safe Energy co-founder Mark Haim speaks against the potential construction of a nuclear power plant in Callaway County at the Boone County Government Center on Wednesday. Haim cited economic and political disadvantages related to the construction of the plant.

Senior Allison Horne speaks with mathematics professor Jason Aubrey about the use and abuse of classroom technology during the Mutual Expectations discussion on Thursday in Memorial Union. The Mutual Expectations dialogues are designed so put students and faculty can address issues face-to-face.

A slot machine glows at the Isle of Capri Casino in Boonville on Monday. The state senate is considering eliminating loss limits at Missouri casinos.

Junior Ellis Atchison deals a hand of poker at the Lakota Coffee Co. on Tuesday night. The coffee house hosts open poker nights every week for people of all experience levels.

Hulett House Gym members Kevin Croom and Ira Moseley participate in an endurance exercise that involves throwing punches across the length of the gym floor with 10-pound weights in each hand on Feb. 16 in Key Largo Fitness & Tanning.

Missouri Students Association Senate Speaker Jonathan Mays presides over Wednesday’s Senate session while Department of Student Activities Director Rachel Parrish speaks in Stotler Lounge. At the meeting, Mays was elected for his second consecutive term as Senate speaker.

Leaning over a workstation, graduate student Courtney Flatt videotapes professor Kirsteen Buchann as she examines the coat Maggie Robey designed as part of her senior class project at Stephens College. Flatt is filming a documentary for the True/False Film Fest-sponsored class, Documentary Film and History.

UM system President Gary Forsee speaks at a welcome reception Tuesday in Stotler Lounge. Forsee, whose term began Feb. 18, is the former chief executive of Sprint Nextel.