Mar. 17, 2018

The "Dating in the U.S." seminar was held in Memorial Union on Feb. 14, 2018.

Steven Soderbergh, Mosaic’s creator, receives an Emmy Award in 2013 for the HBO film Behind the Candelabra.

Updated key dates for the 2018-19 presidential election.

Lead singer and guitarist of Moon Taxi, Trevor Terndrup, plays one of the band’s most popular songs at The Blue Note on Feb. 15, 2018.

The logo of New Approach Missouri, the campaign committee circulating the petition to bring a vote on allowing Missouri physicians to discuss medical marijuana treatment with their patients.

"The Green Duck Lounge" by Michelle Tyrene Johnson will premiere at the Rhynsburger Theatre from Feb. 21-25, 2018.

Harvey Williams as Clarence and Ethan Phillips as Darius having a conversation in the play "The Green Duck Lounge."

The sources of renewable energy production in Columbia in 2017.

Willem Dafoe, a star of The Florida Project.

A study by doctoral candidate T.J. Thomson and associate professor Keith Greenwood found that political and controversial images on Instagram are less likely to be engaged with by users than social and entertainment images.

Four-star point guard Courtney Ramey warms up before a high school game in St. Louis his junior year. Ramey was made an offer by Cuonzo Martin and Missouri yesterday.

One of the walls in Mike Eierman's garage is adorned with the signatures of hundreds of kids who have wrestled in the room. Among them are an Olympic medalist, an MMA fighting champion and two current undefeated Mizzou wrestlers.

The gate to Mike Eierman's backyard is decorated with the Eierman Elite logo, his wrestling youth club that has used the mat in his garage for 13 years.

A small, makeshift locker room in Mike Eierman's now historic garage-turned-wrestling mat.

Mike Eierman recalls childhood wrestling stories of J'den Cox and Jaydin Eierman as he looks over a wall of signatures from his Eierman Elite alumni. Mike went on to become Cox's Olympic coach and Jaydin's father.

Featured on the wall of Eierman Elite alumni, a quote signed by Ben Askren, who went on to be a national champion at Missouri and have an undefeated MMA fighting career.

Mike Eierman often ventures to his garage to reminisce over the names on the wall in his youth club wrestling room.

Before he took the name of his adoptive father, current Missouri wrestling standout Jaydin Eierman went by his last name by birth, Clayton. He was never close with his birth dad though, instead finding a father figure in Mike.

A walkway to the door of Mike Eierman's shed is marked by children's footprints and the words "Follow me."

The childhood wrestling mat of J'den Cox, Jaydin Eierman, Grant Leeth and many more, built into Mike Eierman's garage in 2005.