COLUMN: Would impeachment legitimize American democracy?

In the midst of a massive political divide, one can’t help but wonder if following through with an impeachment trial and removing President Donald Trump from office would solve the U.S.’s problems.

COLUMN: Accessibility is like homework, it’s required but everyone treats it like it’s above and beyond

Debates have two sides, those who agree and those who don’t. Accessibility shouldn’t have two sides, therefore it shouldn’t be a debate.

COLUMN: Do Americans value popularity over policy when choosing a candidate?

Today, people are losing faith in democracy. Is the concept of the educated voter dead, or is this an overreaction?

COLUMN: Companies spark conversation when using controversial topics in advertisements

The conversation of whether companies should be able to put controversial topics in mainstream media has different opinions. If companies have a platform, they should use it to stand up for their beliefs.

COLUMN: Not Clickbait: Saving the world can happen online

Technology has become a game of risks and rewards, but people tend to forget about how vast the rewards actually are.

COLUMN: The new dining plan gives too much freedom to students and not enough to campus dining employees

MU’s new dining plan could create unforeseen challenges and stresses with the CDS employees.

COLUMN: The educational benefits of political involvement start at a young age

It’s no secret that a majority of Congress is made up of people over the age of 50. In recent years, younger generations have been getting more politically involved and the benefits of this are evident.