COLUMN: Why MU should enforce a vaccine requirement for fall semester

If MU does not require vaccines, COVID-19 will continue to spread and mutate into new variants, which will put all of us in danger. MU must mandate them so students can feel safe on campus.

Letter to the Editor: An open letter to President Mun Choi

MU administration must address student demands, or civil unrest will continue.

Letter to the Editor: MU administration must progress and change in order to evoke inclusion, diversity and equity.

MU administration must enact structural changes in order to address systemic racism in the institution, writes the six secret honorary societies.

Letter to the Editor: (Blank)phobia — fatphobia rooted in The Mizzou Store

The fatphobia blatantly controlling The Mizzou Store is just one of the ways (Blank)phobia runs rampant throughout campus. These are the ways the MU administration serves everyone except for its students.

COLUMN: Why objectivity in journalism does more harm than good to marginalized communities

After weeks of political unrest on a national and local scale, objectivity in journalism has once again become the forefront of discussion.

EDITORIAL: Hawley’s vote against anti-Asian hate crime bill exemplifies his indifference toward Asian American lives

Hawley’s decision aligns with his past anti-Asian rhetoric, further alienating marginalized Missourians.

COLUMN: Arkansas’ new anti-abortion law shows the ignorance of government officials

Stricter abortion laws don’t eliminate abortions, they put women and girls everywhere at greater risk by restricting their access to safe health practices.