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May. 14, 2019

Concealed Carry of firearms has no place on Missouri college campuses

Putting firearms into the hands of college students and professors on campus will do nothing but cause more crime.

Apr. 28, 2019

College is no walk in the park and the best way to handle it is to manage what time you have

Freshman year of college is full of many twists and turns, all of which you must adapt to in order to succeed.

Apr. 26, 2019

The story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard helps to examine what a healthy relationship with parents doesn’t look like

To have a healthy relationship with parents, children have to be willing to speak up, and parents have to be willing to listen.

Apr. 26, 2019

Raising the fuel tax can help Missouri’s road infrastructure from falling into disrepair

Despite its large size, Missouri’s highway system relies on one of the lowest gas taxes in the country.

Apr. 26, 2019

Make sure that you’re being intentional with your self-care as the end of the semester approaches

Although the end of the semester can be stressful and overwhelming, make sure that you’re doing things that help keep your head above water.

Apr. 25, 2019

Care about climate change but the Green New Deal not your thing? Don’t worry, there’s other climate legislation you can support in an MU campus organization

The voices of the international scientific community need to be respected by all — regardless of party line.

Apr. 24, 2019

One month later: MU students may have voted the wrong way in MSA presidential election

About a month later, it is still easy to see that All in Mizzou’s platform was better for MU, but that doesn’t mean that students can’t implement the ideas from the campaign.

Apr. 14, 2019

The new abortion bill in Missouri will do more harm than good

The sweeping abortion bill passed in the House would make most abortions illegal, and the remaining legal abortions would be almost impossible to obtain.

Apr. 14, 2019

Let’s make taxes less taxing

Return-free filing would provide an easy solution for many taxpayers, but lobbyists keep getting in the way.

Apr. 14, 2019

Want to fix a heroin epidemic? Treat addiction, don’t criminalize it

Criminalizing addiction only makes it harder to solve its underlying problems. As the opioid epidemic persists, lawmakers need to see the softer side of treating addiction.

Apr. 14, 2019

Being destructive on social media causes more harm than good

When you have an opinion you would like to share, keep it off of your social media.

Apr. 14, 2019

Sustainability shouldn’t be stacked on plates and outdated statistics

Campus Dining Services needs to be held accountable to their “pride points” — one of which is sustainability.

Apr. 14, 2019

Blackface should not be tolerated

Blackface isn’t something that should just be overlooked — people need to be held accountable for their actions.

Apr. 14, 2019

How not to be an ally, starring Alyssa Milano

Through a series of tone-deaf tweets, actress Alyssa Milano demonstrates how not to be an ally.

Apr. 11, 2019

Hypocritical politicians are common even if they shouldn’t be

When it comes to politics, both of the major parties have issues of doing what they say they will.

Apr. 03, 2019

It’s 2019: time to hold MLB players accountable for their abuse off the field

Since 2015, over seven MLB players have been temporarily suspended for violating the MLB’s joint domestic violence, child abuse and sex abuse policy.

Apr. 03, 2019

The worst thing about coming to college isn’t the sleep deprivation, the mediocre food or immense amounts of people: it’s having to retake algebra

A certain amount of general education credits are necessary for every freshman and sophomore before they are able to focus on their intended major. The cost and the required amount of classes needed to be taken is questionable and frustrating.

Apr. 03, 2019

Victoria’s Secret non-inclusive models are what’s causing its foreclosures

If Victoria’s Secret embraced society’s changing view on lingerie, then they wouldn’t be losing business.

Apr. 01, 2019

‘Boys will be boys’ is no longer a valid excuse on why girls and women are held to higher standards

Women always receive the blame for problems that occur, and as a result our society has held them to a higher standard than men.

Mar. 21, 2019

On predominantly white campuses, black student organizations are necessary

My experience at the Big XII Conference on black student government helped me to not only better understand why black-oriented spaces are necessary, but it made me proud to be part of one.

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