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Jan. 05, 2020

COLUMN: No change means no future

If society continues to ignore or dismiss the problems facing the queer and gender-nonconforming community, the future of the community is at risk.

Jan. 01, 2020

COLUMN: Queerness is not indicative of certain personality traits

The sexualization, minimization and politicization of queer and gender-nonconforming individuals acts as a problematic way to sort people into caricatures that are easier to digest, but traps members of the community into a box they don’t want.

Dec. 28, 2019

COLUMN: I identify as queer — not tragedy

It is time for the queer and gender-nonconforming community to get the happy endings and positive representation they deserve.

Dec. 25, 2019

COLUMN: Whoever created rainbows knew who they were supporting

Religion and being a part of the queer and gender-nonconforming community are not mutually exclusive, and people need to start seeing that.

Dec. 24, 2019

COLUMN: Respecting boundaries surrounding controversial language is part of allyship

“Controversial” language, linked to identity, is not for everyone, and people in the community deserve the right to draw boundaries surrounding it.

Dec. 21, 2019

COLUMN: You can’t fake your way to icon status

The queer and gender-nonconforming community knows the difference between people who fight for them and those who treat being an ally as a performance.

Dec. 21, 2019

COLUMN: You don’t need someone’s whole story to respect their identity

No matter how close two people may seem, no one is owed an explanation of someone’s sexuality or gender identity.

Dec. 18, 2019

COLUMN: Better mental health care helps queer and gender-nonconforming individuals

Mental health care needs to be available for the queer and gender-nonconforming community.

Dec. 17, 2019

COLUMN: Being gay is fine — being an awful person is not

Being queer or gender-nonconforming does not give you an excuse from being awful to other marginalized groups.

Dec. 16, 2019

COLUMN: The LGBTQ community deserves some privacy and space

While there is a lot of confusion surrounding the queer and gender-nonconforming community, that doesn’t mean that all questions are allowed to be asked all the time.

Dec. 15, 2019

COLUMN: The bags under my eyes are also queer

Being queer or gender-nonconforming shouldn’t mean that you have to lead the gay crusade, but that’s what it means right now.

Dec. 14, 2019

COLUMN: The fight for equality isn’t over

There is still a long way to go before the U.S. finally achieves equality, as seen with recent U.S. Supreme Court cases.

Dec. 03, 2019

COLUMN: The monetary drawbacks of making it home for holidays

In a world where the “poor college student” life has become a reality, prices of mass transportation should be the least of our worries.

Dec. 03, 2019

COLUMN: Active shooter drills need change after decade of mass shootings in schools

The same active shooter drills have been used in schools and the amount of gun violence in schools calls for change in those drills. More consideration needs to be taken to protect students in a place that should be considered safe.

Dec. 03, 2019

COLUMN: If someone is complicit in a problem, they are part of the problem

When it comes to the dehumanization and discrimination of minorities, neutrality isn’t an option.

Nov. 20, 2019

COLUMN: Would impeachment legitimize American democracy?

In the midst of a massive political divide, one can’t help but wonder if following through with an impeachment trial and removing President Donald Trump from office would solve the U.S.’s problems.

Nov. 20, 2019

COLUMN: Accessibility is like homework, it’s required but everyone treats it like it’s above and beyond

Debates have two sides, those who agree and those who don’t. Accessibility shouldn’t have two sides, therefore it shouldn’t be a debate.

Nov. 12, 2019

COLUMN: Do Americans value popularity over policy when choosing a candidate?

Today, people are losing faith in democracy. Is the concept of the educated voter dead, or is this an overreaction?

Nov. 10, 2019

COLUMN: Companies spark conversation when using controversial topics in advertisements

The conversation of whether companies should be able to put controversial topics in mainstream media has different opinions. If companies have a platform, they should use it to stand up for their beliefs.

Nov. 10, 2019

COLUMN: Not Clickbait: Saving the world can happen online

Technology has become a game of risks and rewards, but people tend to forget about how vast the rewards actually are.

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