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Oct. 02, 2018

High schools should stop pushing college as a universal solution

Despite looming trade labor shortages, high schools focus on college. Is it time to rethink higher education?

Oct. 02, 2018

The importance of meaningful TV

We need to continue to be exposed to social issues and different types of casts throughout television.

Oct. 02, 2018

The clock on sexual assault never runs out

The case against Kavanaugh has reignited the #MeToo movement – everybody’s story is valid.

Oct. 02, 2018

Column: #WhyIDidn’tReport: The epidemic of rape culture

Defining rape culture and how to educate society.

Oct. 01, 2018

Long-distance relationships should not come before your mental health

My first real relationship was with someone who I was utterly in love with, but that love didn’t stay golden for long.

Sep. 29, 2018

If voting was a class, MU would fail

With the 2018 midterms fast approaching, it is time for MU students to register to vote.

Sep. 29, 2018

I can not believe this is still a radical statement: Representation matters

Diversity in the film industry needs to extend past the screen.

Sep. 29, 2018

A farewell to cars

In the modern world, breaking our dependence on cars is essential, and public transportation is the only way forward for American cities.

Sep. 25, 2018

The importance of mental health in rural areas

People should be more aware of mental health; especially those in rural areas.

Sep. 25, 2018

The Maneater apologizes for insensitivity of its recent column

Although The Maneater does not wish to censor opinions, the recent column on sexual assault does not represent the values of The Maneater Editorial Board.

Sep. 24, 2018

Mental health conversations are always avoided, until someone passes away

With the death of Mac Miller stirring up feelings throughout social media, individuals encourage each other to “check on their friends.

Sep. 24, 2018

The fudd-filled NRA is ineffective for gun rights

The NRA has been under fire for gun rights efforts, but they are a detriment to that too.

Sep. 23, 2018

What Article 13 is, why it’s important, and what we can do

Article 13 was intended to protect creators against copyright infringement — but it could have an effect on the entire Internet as we know it.

Sep. 23, 2018

Is there really a 20 percent chance of being sexually assaulted on campus?

There are many examples of left-leaning bias being perpetuated on college campuses and a prime example is the propagating of an existence of a rape culture on campus.

Sep. 20, 2018

Tone-deaf Serena Williams cartoon is a lesson in the importance of education

With the abundance of information available to us, the excuse “I didn’t know” doesn't cut it anymore.

Sep. 20, 2018

Columbia should not stop providing abortions

Columbia constituents will only suffer if Planned Parenthood stops performing abortions.

Sep. 20, 2018

People should be more considerate of others when using their phones

People must be cognizant of the noise coming from their devices, especially while in public/campus.

Sep. 18, 2018

Proposed minimum wage increase not enough and that’s OK

Proposition B doesn’t supply a true living wage, but it’s the best option Missouri has.

Sep. 17, 2018

Newsflash: FAFSA sucks

Students who are low income or children of immigrants tend to lose out when it comes to FAFSA.

Sep. 17, 2018

There is a double standard in tennis and it is time to address it

Male tennis players have been given a pass by umpires and it is time to hold them accountable.

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