The Maneater


Column: Proposed minimum wage increase not enough and that’s OK

Proposition B doesn’t supply a true living wage, but it’s the best option Missouri has.

Column: Newsflash: FAFSA sucks

Students who are low income or children of immigrants tend to lose out when it comes to FAFSA.

Column: There is a double standard in tennis and it is time to address it

Male tennis players have been given a pass by umpires and it is time to hold them accountable.

Column: Rohypnol-what it is and why we need to stop it

The drug that needs to be stopped, and fast.

Column: College students and the General Assembly need to focus on gun control

Technology combined with a culture of violence puts college students in an increasingly risky situation.

Column: Burning shoes to #BoycottNike won’t change that fact that Kaepernick and his kneeling aren’t going anywhere

While Colin Kaepernick’s inclusion in Nike’s newest campaign has ignited (literal) fires, supporters know that this move further adds credibility and validity to this powerful movement.

Column: Why streaming is a respectable source of income

Streaming games isn’t all fun and games: an argument for esports’ legitimacy.

Column: New law allows certain sex offenders the opportunity to petition to be removed from the list

Sex offenders should not all be treated the same, some actually learn from their mistakes.

Column: MU’s new policy won’t keep people from Juuling on campus

With MU’s new tobacco policy in place, many have their doubts that it will curb vaping on campus.

Column: Missouri’s minimum age to get married is 16 — here’s why it needs to be higher

Senate Bill 655 just raised Missouri’s minimum age to be married from 15 to 16, but this age raise still isn’t high enough.