The Maneater


Column: Reforming our democracy starts with drawing smaller, fairer districts

Representation continues to be a problem across America. Fixing gerrymandering is only half the battle.

Column: Why good nutrition should be more of a priority for college students

College students’ constant consumption of processed foods is worse for their health than they realize.

Column: History can be powerful, but only if society chooses to learn about it

If society fails to learn about LGBTQ history, the community is bound to suffer more and more.

Column: Allowing for a gender neutral option aligns with American ideals

When it comes to gender neutral markings on identification documents, the arguments against it show a major flaw in American logic.

Column: Sometimes transitioning doesn’t end with gender reassignment surgery

With the issues facing the transgender community, surgery isn’t always the best choice for some, and that’s okay.

Column: Stop trying to divide the LGBTQ community even more than it already is

Ranking individuals by their sexual history will only hurt the LGBTQ community.

Column: Stereotypes can hurt, but fitting into one isn’t always bad

When someone fits a stereotype, society can erase the struggle they went through.

Column: Moral disapproval isn’t a real reason to create legal barriers for the LGBTQ community

LGBTQ rights shouldn’t be controversial in a country with freedom of religion.

Column: Adding your pronouns to an introduction can help support gender nonconforming individuals

Normalizing pronouns within introductions allows gender nonconforming individuals to feel safer when doing the same.