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Editorial: There is no excuse to not vote in the midterm elections

Voting is easier than you may think, and everyone should cast their ballot.

Editorial: The Maneater apologizes for insensitivity of its recent column

Although The Maneater does not wish to censor opinions, the recent column on sexual assault does not represent the values of The Maneater Editorial Board.

Editorial: The Maneater joins the call to #SaveStudentNewsrooms

Our editorial board has decided to stand for student journalism along with dozens of collegiate student-run publications.

Editorial: The Maneater Editorial Board chooses not to endorse an MSA presidential slate

Both slates showed a lack of preparation and naiveté in the debates leading up to the election.

Editorial: Former MSA candidates’ past tweets are telling of MU’s current struggles

Racist, homophobic and sexist tweets from several MSA presidential candidates surfaced during the first day of campaigning.

Editorial: Gov. Greitens’ continued budget cuts to higher education are alarming

The proposed budget cuts to higher education by Gov. Greitens for the second year in a row are irrational and harmful to Missouri institutions as a whole.

Editorial: Greitens’ inexcusable actions bring other issues to light

Greitens’ inexcusable actions bring other issues to light

Editorial: MU lacks the procedure to guarantee campus safety

The active threat on campus last Wednesday revealed the university’s lack of readiness when dealing with potentially deadly threats to students.