Buckcherry- 'Confessions' – 3.5 out of 5 stars

Confessions is Buckcherry’s sixth studio album since 1999, and it certainly holds true to their signature hard rock sound. However, the band’s first attempt at a concept album falls short.

The album is based off the seven deadly sins and includes seven tracks named after them. Lead singer Josh Todd was inspired by his angsty behavior as a child to put together this album. It has six other tracks that seem to have no connection to the theme, making the concept a little sloppy.

Todd also wrote a short film to accompany the album based off his own experiences as a child, when he discovered his father had committed suicide and he acts out through the seven deadly sins.

The plot of the story might explain why the album is not strictly about the seven deadly sins, but unless a listener has watched the film (which hasn’t even been released), the album is a confusing compilation of songs. It may be a concept album, but it’s not very conceptual.

That being said, Buckcherry deserves major props for sticking to the sound that they’ve been known for since the 1990s. Chances are, if you already like Buckcherry, you won’t be disappointed by Confessions.

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