Delta Spirit tours country, venues big and small

The Southern California band will play Mojo’s on Tuesday.
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Trash can lids pounding together mixed with your grandmother’s favorite church hymns and a little bit of dirty southern blues. What is this extraordinary concoction?

It’s Delta Spirit, a band hailing from Southern California whose sound is anything but predictable. In the past, the band has used unconventional instruments ranging from trashcans to big orchestral drums. These unusual instruments, combined with coarse, soulful vocals, have gained the band a large following far beyond the boundaries of its West Coast beginnings.

This fall, the band will travel across the country, bringing its music to new venues and fans.

“It’ll be fun,” bassist Jon Jameson said. “We are excited to get back out on the road.”

For the members of Delta Spirit, touring represents the most important aspect of being a musician.

“It’s great to record songs but for us it’s all about playing music,” Jameson said, “We love to tour.”

For Jameson, the best part of touring is soaking in the culture from new places around the country and the world.

“I have a fold up bike that I bring with me,” Jameson said. “I love cruising around town and seeing everything and soaking in as much as I can because I may never be in these towns again.”

This fall’s tour will feature several changes from shows in the past, including a new band member and a new EP.

Jameson explained that the EP will not change the band's line-up very much since many songs are rerecorded versions of favorite past songs. This casual recording was made as much for the band’s entertainment as it was for the fans.

“The EP was just a fun thing we did,” Jameson said, “Most songs in our line up are on the other album.”

The EP will be available on MP3 and vinyl only, and the vinyl will be available only at the band’s live shows.

“One of the exciting parts of this tour is that we’ll have 300 copies of badass vinyl for sale at shows,” Jameson said.

He said that this tour’s line-up will include more covers than in the past, as well as a couple new songs. Although most songs will be older, he said many songs have taken on new meanings in the eyes of the band members.

“We’ve played so many shows together that the sound and meaning of our songs have evolved with us,” Jameson said.

This tour will expose the band to some of the biggest shows it has ever played, as well as more intimate venues, like Mojo’s, that give the band a sense of closeness to the fans.

“This tour will be different because we’re playing a lot of college towns but at the same time we’re playing some of the biggest venues we’ve played yet in places like New York,” he said.

Whether the venue is big or small, Delta Spirit holds one thing above all else.

“For us, it’s all about love,” he said. “We love to play music and we want to bring that love to as many people as we can.”

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