Dirty Disco celebrates one-year anniversary

The 'electric-indie' dance party takes place every Friday at Eastside Tavern.
Leroy Lee, also known as DJ p33r0y, performs Friday night during Dirty Disco at Eastside Tavern. Friday was Dirty Disco's one-year anniversary celebration.

Wall-to-the-wall people, I.D. checks, lines for the bathroom; no, this isn't the DMV - it is quite the opposite, actually. This is the disco inferno of Dirty Disco's One-Year Anniversary party.

Dirty Disco, a Friday night dance party at Eastside Tavern, celebrated its one-year anniversary last Friday. The trio of Adam Boisclair (BWAHA), Leroy Lee ([p33]r0y) and Austin Goldberg (MARVIN GARDENS) command the DJ both in front of the crowd.

"Dirty Disco is just a sweaty-dance party - a disco-infused, indie-electronic dance party," Goldberg said. "Everybody gets along and goes there to have fun. Everyone's smiling and dancing. It's always a good time."

Dirty Disco developed out of a lack of an electronic dance venue, Boisclair said.

"Me and Leroy Lee started it a year ago," Boisclair said. "We wanted a place to play and a place for our friends to come down and dance, and a year later, it's turned into a big event."

The One-Year Anniversary party reached capacity early in the night. Eastside began a one person in, one person out policy once the building was full. People lined up outside the doors waited for their chance to go inside.

"It was unbelievable," Lee said. "I couldn't help but have a big smile on my face and dance all night. I didn't want the night to end."

Dirty Disco's DJs constantly try new ideas, Lee said.

"Since the very first Dirty Disco, we've always been focused on making the night more enjoyable for the people that come out," Lee said. "I think Dirty Disco is just going to continue to get bigger and better."

Before Dirty Disco, it was hard to find a regular place to DJ, Boisclair said. Since its beginning, Dirty Disco has grown, evolved and become more organized.

"It's already surprising enough that Columbia has a scene for electronic music," Goldberg said. "It's been really awesome that we've been able to create a scene here for dance music."

Goldberg isn't from Columbia. Every weekend he takes an hour and forty-minute drive from Kansas City just to DJ at Dirty Disco and house parties.

"I don't play in Kansas City because it just doesn't get this good. That's why I come here," Goldberg said. "(Kansas) doesn't have the same vibe. Everyone's down to have a good time, nobody judges or anything, it's just real fun. We couldn't ask for anything better."

Dirty Disco draws a diverse crowd, Goldberg said. The night brings together people from all walks of life.

"The people that come - I love looking through our pictures each week and seeing people smiling from ear-to-ear and having the time of their lives," Lee said.

Dirty Disco can get wild, Boisclair said.

"People are jumping up on stage and dancing, and we're worried the amps are going to get unplugged, something's going to get knocked over or someone's going to spill their drink on our stuff - but that's part of the event," Boisclair said. "Get down, get crazy."

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