IPC, Film Committee hosts first free Foreign Film Horror Festival

The films start at 7 p.m. on Oct. 26 in Jesse Wrench Auditorium.

The International Programming Committee and Films Committee have paired up to bring a Foreign Film Horror Festival to MU just in time for Halloween. The committees plan to show several spooky movies and distribute snacks with a foreign theme to viewers.

The committees plan to show both a funny and a frightening horror film from two different cultures. IPC member Scott Wildgen said because not everyone likes scary movies, a less frightening, funny film will be first.

The festival will begin with a 7 p.m. showing of a lighthearted, Canadian comedy titled "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil." The movie humorously portrays the horror film stereotype of teenagers getting lost and murdered in the woods, Wildgen said.

“The teenagers are so stupid they are (almost) killing themselves,” he said. “I’ve seen it, and I think it’s hilarious.”

The second film, "Shutter," is a Thai horror film about how spirits can appear on film, Wildgen said. The movie will be shown with English subtitles in order to be more accessible to the audience.

“There was an American version made in 2009,” Wildgen said. “But the (Thai version) is going to be a very scary movie.”

IPC member An Ho said the Thai version of "Shutter" is an enjoyable horror film.

“There is a difference in culture and how they (shoot) the film,” she said. “The international version is scarier than the American version.”

While viewers enjoy the movies, the IPC and the Film Committee plan to serve snacks from around the world.

“(We have) some appetizers from other countries,” Ho said. “We have hummus and pitas, a Korean appetizer called Gyoza, crab rangoon and crème puffs.”

The film committee is expecting about 200 viewers between the two movies, Wildgen said. This is the first Foreign Film Horror Festival, so the International Programming Committee is unsure of what to expect, he said.

Although they do not know what to expect, the International Programming Committee has high hopes for the impact of the event on the international community.

“We have never had a horror films festival before,” Ho said. “(The Film Committee) always has a movie every Wednesday for free. (The International Programming Committee) is trying to pull in the international community to make it more for international students.”

Film Committee Chairwoman Callie Lockhart said the organization would consider doing another foreign holiday movie festival in the future.

“If it is successful, it is worth considering (doing again),” she said.

The movies will be shown free of charge starting at 7 p.m. on Oct. 26 in Jesse Wrench Auditorium.

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