Jason Derulo performs for crowd in Hearnes Center performance

The Miami-based singer entertained a large crowd with a free concert organized by MSA.
Performer Jason Derulo stares into the crowd as he enters the stage Saturday night at the Hearnes Center. The concert was originally planned to be outside, but was moved inside due to weather.

Chart-topping singer Jason Derulo performed for a large crowd Saturday as part of the Fall Welcome Week celebration. The Missouri Students Association-organized concert, free to students, was moved from its original outdoor location to the Hearnes Center due to inclement weather.

Derulo is a platinum selling artist, known for his energetic, fast-paced songs such as "Ridin' Solo" and, most recently, "Don't Wanna Go Home."

Derulo entertained the audience with some of his more memorable hits, such as the number one singles "Whatcha Say" and "In My Head." He began the concert by walking on the stage like a robot, accompanied by two dancers, and gave a shout-out to the large MU crowd.

Along with strong vocals, Derulo impressed with sharp dance skills and a strong stage presence, and the show never lagged.

Sophomore Marie O'Leary said she felt the concert was a success not only because of Derulo's strong performance but also because of the camaraderie the MU student throughout the two-hour concert.

"This concert brought the student body together because we all felt that the end of the summer should bring a positive experience for all of us, therefore there was no negativity," she said. "Because of the strong turnout, it felt like family had returned together and had a ball with Jason Derulo."

Kellie Donahoe, MSA/GPC College Music senior chairwoman, said bringing an artist like Derulo to MU was a great gift for the incoming freshmen and that it was meant to please a diverse range of students.

"It was great to get a bigger artist like him here because it appeals to a larger demographic," she said. "It is good because we felt with this artist everyone would like the event, which could also bring more students together during Fall Welcome Week."

Donahoe said the appearance of Derulo could bring more attention to the free concerts provided by MSA.

"We knew Jason was off tour, and he was available, so we knew that it could be a good opportunity to bring bigger focus to the free concert," she said.

Sophomore Chelsea Chrisman said Derulo represented her hometown of Miami very well, making Columbia feel more like her second home in the process.

"I'm from Miami and with Jason performing (and) being a successful artist while entertaining us all gives me hope that I can be successful," she said. "Some people feel out of place but one moment can inspire us all, which is what Mizzou is providing for us.

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