Luke Bryan – ‘Spring Break … Here To Party’ - 4 out of 5 stars

With spring break coming up, Luke Bryan’s latest album Spring Break … Here To Party is the perfect soundtrack for vacation, whether you’re spending your nights on the beach with your friends or you’re back home wishing for those beaches.

Each song title gives you a good idea of what to expect from the songs. The album starts out with “Suntan City,” which is about getting to the beach and enjoying every second of it. You won’t find any ballads on the album either. The closest thing is “Buzzkill,” which is about a girl who never fails to kill the mood whenever she comes around.

Other than that, each song is sunshiney and happy, making these next two weeks before spring break even harder to endure. College kids will like the album even more with relatable songs like “Sorority Girl” and “Love in a College Town” — 10 bucks says you can figure out what those songs are about. The only thing that would make the album better is if it was in chronological order. The songs are ordered pretty randomly, but it’s certainly nothing to disregard the album over. Overall, unless you despise country music or you hate being happy, you’ll love this album.

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