Michael Bublé – ‘To Be Loved’: 4 out of 5 stars

Michael Bublé is one of those artists who can release album after album without much change in his sound and yet still make his listeners fall in love with him. As an artist, his voice is a perfect mix of smooth sensuality and raw talent.

Compared to his past albums, To Be Loved does not sound much different. You get the same rocking horn section, the same mid-20th century style and the same combination of covers and original tracks.

Even though his latest release is not a unique experience, it’s a great listen. It includes everything from the snarky, post-breakup tune “It’s A Beautiful Day” to the seductive cover of The Mills Brothers's “Nevertheless (I’m in Love With You).”

Heck, this album can even give you your Disney music fix – “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” from "Toy Story" is like a childhood flashback mixed with Bublé’s voice. How much more awesome can it get?

The only thing that could make this album better is making it more unique. While Bublé can get away with it, seeing him mix up his style or venturing outside of his comfort zone would surely make for an unforgettable album. However, you’ll be more than content with To Be Loved.

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