Mizzou Forte makes melodies at Middlebush

The a capella ensemble covered songs by Lady GaGa, The Foo Fighters and Gwen Stefani.

As the lights dimmed and talking ceased within Middlebush auditorium Friday, the audience settled in to witness the Mizzou Forte a cappella winter performance.

Mizzou Forte, MU’s premier a cappella ensemble, covered a variety of songs and collaborations including music by Lady GaGa, The Foo Fighters, Sam Sparro, Gwen Stefani, MU tradition songs and one special original piece.

In between these songs, Mizzou Forte performed short entertainment skits called “In Between Acts.” Most of the In Between Acts were pure entertainment and not limited to singing.

“It’s just something to entertain the audience,” Mizzou Forte President Chris Goers said. “It gives the people a chance to rest their voices for five minutes.”

The song selection for the performance was a mixture of popular songs and the performers’ favorite songs.

“(When we choose songs) we first throw some songs on a board,” senior member Justin Short said. “Then we will narrow it down from there. Sometimes we vote or sometimes we will all just come to a consensus on a song. It’s usually pretty unanimous.”

Mizzou Forte tries to offer free music to the MU campus.

“Sometimes we charge, but since we get Middlebush for free, it’s something that we can do is offer free music,” Goers said. “So, sometimes our concerts aren’t free but for the past couple of ones we have been able to do free concerts.”

The group wants to better itself for future competition, concerts next semester, and even for itself.

“Some of the upperclassmen stated that this is the strongest we have been in a long time,” freshman member Michael Scallorns said. “So, I expect us to do well in (future competitions), go onto different rounds and compete with more groups around the country.”

Along with preparing for the International Championships of A Cappella, they plan to host more semester concerts, begin the process of making an album debut and manage song choices.

“We do have a couple of songs lined up for next semester,” stated Short. “We will do the ‘The Dog Days Are Over’ by Florence and The Machine.”

Mizzou Forte has many plans for the future.

“There have been talks of making a CD or doing a high school tour,” Scallorns said.

Mizzou Forte is a dedicated and rigorous group, but it also has fun.

“Mizzou Forte is a collection of unique individuals that love music and I consider it a second family,” Goers said. “Honestly, we are a tight knit group and everybody clicks really well. We are a family who loves to sing and that’s what I like.

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