Mizzou Idol promises to showcase campus talent

The eight finalists will perform at the Missouri Theatre.

The time to warm up your vocals, prepare your sheet music and crank up your stereo with “Rolling in the Deep” is here.

The second annual Mizzou Idol competition got underway with auditions beginning last Wednesday at the MU Student Center.

The competition is based on the reality show "American Idol." The winner of the contest will get a yet-to-be-determined prize. Last year’s winner received a trip to the American Idol auditions.

Mizzou Idol co-coordinator Stephanie Dobsch said the competition is going well because of the number of talented singers on campus.

“Everything is going well as far as auditions are concerned because the amount of people that we’ve seen so far are very talented and bring a variety and range of genres that is refreshing,” Dobsch said. “No one stays in one category, which is nice because then people can put on good shows for the audience.”

The show is organized by the MSA/GPC Department of Student Activities and will have three judges for the official competition, instead of the four or five judges for the auditions.

The show will be moved to Missouri Theatre this year to give it a more upscale feel, Dobsch said. Last year’s show was held in MU’s Jesse Hall.

Dobsch said the judges in the auditions and finals will be looking for a more complete contestant that can cover all styles without being overwhelmed.

“The elements of musicality, charisma will take the contestants far in the competition,” she said. “Along with voice and tone, they are also judged on song choice because it is all based on how they sound.”

Freshman Catherine Sandstedt said the competition is good because it allows others to express themselves in a positive environment with positive thinking people, which will possibly make the college experience better for those involved.

“We all know college is difficult, but in order to get over that, you have to find ways to express yourself, which is a quality that Mizzou Idol has and is what makes it great,” Sandstedt said. “You can simply be yourself and allow others to see whatever singing ability you have and whatever the result, you’ll be able to say that you got to experience something that others dream about doing.”

Sophomore Lauren Hill said the overall safe and fun environment along with the sheer talent of the contestants is what makes the show so enjoyable.

“I think it's really fun for the audience," she said. "They get blown away when they hear how amazing their friends are. And as a performer, I know how fun that can be for the singer.”

Dobsch said along with the fact that the show is free, people can still get the feeling of being a part of an extended family and gives them a chance to speak and be themselves.

“The biggest positives are that the show is free, it is student run and participants are students as well," she said. "Most of all it brings Mizzou together. We are ‘One Mizzou’ and hopefully the show can be a great showcase for that.”

Mizzou Idol will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 8, in the Missouri Theatre.

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