Over-Thinkers spot-on with trivia

The winners take home the not-so coveted trophy, the Golden Head of Knowledge.

At the end of a competition, once sweat is dried and tears are wiped away, winners gain bragging rights and often hoist a trophy signifying their triumph over their heads - unless, of course, the trophy is too embarrassing to be seen in public.

Lewie, familiarly known as Lew, is the infamous "Golden Head of Knowledge" awarded to the winning team in the annual School of Health Professions' Trivia Night, which took place last Tuesday, Oct. 5. The giant gold skull positioned on a tiger-striped obelisk was recently awarded to the Over-Thinkers.

Comprised of SHP faculty members Ryan and Laura Verkamp, Jill Diener, Nicole Whyte, Sophie Whyte, Gary Cox, Jeff Whyte and Dale Wilcox, the Over-Thinkers took home their first trivia night victory after defeating members of team I Knew That, who have won the competition the past two years.

The proceeds from the event go towards the SHP's general scholarship fund. Event orchestrator Jeneva Powell said that though small, the event is a fun opportunity for students, faculty and staff to interact with each other.

"Since space is an issue at Lewis Hall, we only have room for 10 tables," Powell said. "It's a shame, since I would like to grow the event and keep it reasonable in cost for students and alumni to attend."

The annual event naturally allows a lot time for preparation, but Jill Diener, Over-Thinkers team member and SHP academic advisor, said this year's winners didn't practice at all.

"I think I have competed in the SHP Trivia Night four times, (but) this is the first year I have participated where my team didn't prepare," Diener said. "I guess we just had luck on our side."

Powell is responsible for picking the questions asked and begins the large task by compiling ideas immediately after each trivia night takes place.

"Many come from my brain and little nuggets of information I pick up here and there," she said. "I also keep the questions stored away year after year, so I never repeat a question."

Categories also must be determined to test competitors' knowledge of a variety of facts and topics. Powell prepares 10 questions in each themed round.

"This year there were six rounds with a few bonus questions," Powell said. "On a typical trivia night, there is a round on sports, general MU trivia, etc. I have a pop culture round (and) an equivalent of 'Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?' called 'Things You Should Have Learned in School.'"

Cox , a first-time Over-Thinkers member and reference archivist for the University Archives, had no expectations for the competition but was happy to help the team.

"I'm not nearly as current on popular music and culture as I was in the past, (so the hardest part of the competition was) realizing how many facts I have forgotten over the years," Cox said.

Although the Over-Thinkers will have their names engraved on Lewie's base, no member is eager to keep him. But Diener does know she will celebrate the victory MU style.

"I have to admit that since winning, our team has been arguing about who has to take Lewie, the traveling trophy," she said. "He's pretty ugly. But (now that I've won, I'll) go to Disney World. Not really, but I will take the pom-pom that was included in our gift bags and use it to cheer on the Tigers."

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