Rich Boy reflects on latest release

Fictitious conversation between Rich Boy and the five guest emcees on the "Throw Some D's (Remix)" taking place in Rich Boy's living room:

Rich Boy: So what'd y'all think of the new album?

Andre 3000: It was all right.

Rich Boy: Just all right?

Andre 3000: Your lead single ("Throw Some D's") is about wheels, man.

Jim Jones: Ballin'.

Andre 3000: No Jim, that is not ballin'.

Nelly: Yo, can you pass those Tostitos?

Rich Boy: Yeah, you gonna throw some cheese on it?

Nelly: Fa sho'. That's a hot track though, derrty. Why you gotta hate? It's the hottest joint out right now.

The Game: So it's barely hotter than Mims "This Is Why I'm Hot." That's right. Pun intended mothafucka.

Murphy Lee: Game, you just came out with a video that referenced Hoopz's affinity for letting guys "spray in her face." What do you do that's so great?

The Game: So I like pussy. Sue me. That song was a parody. At least I got something to say. What's Rich Boy saying? Rich Boy selling crack, just bought a Cadillac. Throw some D's on it? D's what? You can throw some of D's nuts on that bullshit. Materialism. Misogyny. Go cop "Dreams" homie. I wax philosophical on that ass.

Rich Boy: Then why were you guys even on this album?

Murphy Lee: My main concern was that people knew I still existed.

The Game: I gotta get paid. Diet Snapple ain't cheap.

Nelly: Murphy needed a ride. I got bored, man.

Jim Jones: I thought this was the "Ballin'" remix.

Andre 3000: I mean, don't get me wrong. It's a hot track. Solid production. Bangin' hook. But seriously, what does any of it mean? I read your Vibe article, man. You don't rap about things the average person don't do so you know people can relate to you? What are you giving people to relate to? On the second track ("Role Models") you say you aren't a role model. You don't have to be. But be somebody. What do I know about you after hearing this album? You like to "Touch That Ass," you like to "Get to Poppin'" and when you run game, it entails nothing more than "What it do, what it be like/ Can I get your number and see you naked."

Jim Jones: Ballin'.

Andre 3000: No Jim, still not ballin'. You don't have to be a Wordsworth, but at least use your words to prove you're worth something. And when you think about it, if everyone listened to your single and then went out and bought their D's, the economy would be in shambles, the lack of diversification, the shininess. It would be mass chaos.

Rich Boy: But I'm not going for that socially conscious thing.

The Game: You don't have to be socially conscious to say something. But you have a song where you pose the question "When it's all said and done/ What difference did you make?" on a track where the thesis is "Let's Get This Paper."

Rich Boy: Did you not listen to "Ghetto Rich"? "You know the color of your skin will get you put in the pen." Come on.

Andre 3000: One track out of 16 Affluent Lad. Even a blind man could hit a dartboard 6 percent of the time. And John Legend could make a hit with the Monopoly dude. I want that hat, man.

Rich Boy: Whatever, man. Get out of my house. Y'all hating.

Andre 3000: Later. Hey Jim, did you know you share a namesake with a man who led a mass suicide in the country of Guyana?

Jim Jones: Not ballin'...

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