The Rural Alberta Advantage makes Columbia stop

The songs from the debut album evoke memories and life changes.

After playing more than 75 shows this year alone, Toronto-natives the Rural Alberta Advantage will be stopping by Mojo's on Tuesday to begin their next tour.

The band, headed by lead singer Nils Edenloff, is fresh off their West Coast tour.

"It's crazy," Edenloff said. "I looked at our past shows this year and I was surprised we had already played 75."

For the last year and a half, RAA has been on a steady diet of promoting their debut album Hometowns and playing shows all over the U.S. and Canada. After independently recording and releasing their debut last year, they were bombarded with coverage from blogs and other publications.

Edenloff's unique brand of nasally singing combined with drummer Paul Banwatt's almost mathematical style of drumming really shines in the world of indie-rock right now. They have been compared to Neutral Milk Hotel in the past, and this assessment definitely isn't far off.

Lyrically, Edenloff describes his experiences in small town Alberta on Hometowns and how his life changed once he moved to Toronto seven years ago.

"I didn't know what Alberta really gave me until I left," he said.

Reminiscing about past love on many tracks, Edenloff and fellow singer, Amy Cole, work well together by harmonizing and giving songs a general boy-girl vibe, which is particularly effective for an album like this.

A big break came for RAA earlier this summer when indie-rock giants, Saddle Creek Records, signed the Canadian trio and officially re-released their album through the label. Since then, they've continued touring in support of the new record with plans to record a follow-up in the future.

"Right now we're just playing shows," Edenloff said. "It's hard to record on the road."

Because most of these songs were played live from the very beginning, Edenloff says Hometowns translates smoothly on stage, specifically mentioning "Frank, AB" and "Edmonton" as his favorites.

The Rural Alberta Advantage play Tuesday night at Mojo's.

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