Sam Adams brews electronic raps for college crowds

The East coast artist will be at The Blue Note on Sept. 8.
Boston's Sam Adams may not brew beer, but he definitely raps about it. Adams will be in Columbia on Wednesday, Sept. 8 at The Blue Note. Courtesy of 1st Round Records

East coast electronic-rap sensation Sam Adams might hate college, but that doesn’t stop him from visiting this college town.

Adam’s single, "I Hate College (Remix)," an irreverent remake of Asher Roth's "I Love College," is about loving the college lifestyle but hating college itself. As a college student himself, Adam's music appeals to the collegiate "bro" demographic everywhere — in fact, like Brad Pitt at MU, Adams has two credits left before he can graduate from Trinity College in Hartford, Conn.

Unlike Pitt and Roth, who both eventually dropped out, Adams plans on getting his diploma, even if it's delayed.

"I'm on a full music tour, but I'm going to finish," Adams said. "Not this year, probably next year."

Adams was first recruited to Trinity for soccer and eventually became the captain of the team. Despite his success in sports, his most known college accomplishment came from his music.

"I basically started writing music when I was in college, probably my sophomore year,” Adams said. “I wrote 'I Hate College' and released it and it took off virally. Then after that, I just sort of had the confidence to write more songs."

Although Adams’ fame began in college, he isn’t new to rapping.

"I've been rapping pretty much my whole life, but I never thought I could actually take it to a serious point,” Adams said. “Then I wrote a couple of hit songs and my career just sort of took off."

Following up his debut album, Boston's Boy (Dig), Adams will be releasing a free mix tape he recorded in London and Los Angeles called Party Records in late September.

"There's a lot of remixes, a lot of big industry electronic beats like Deadmau5, Rusko, Bassnectar,” Adams said. “I laid over 'Lemonade' by Gucci Mane and some other stuff. It's pretty cool mix of music; it's electronic and rap. I wanted to give people free music, to give my fans music because I have the best fans in the world."

For his fans in Columbia, Adams has a few treats in store for Wednesday, including a remix of "Driving Me Crazy," one of the most popular songs off Boston's Boy and a preview of the mix tape.

"For this one, I have my other artists on my label like G Curtis with me so we will be performing our new single which is always really fun live," Adams said. "I think it's just going to be a live, high-energy, feel-good show."

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