‘Snitch’: 2.5 out of 5 stars

As we all know, any movie with former wrestler and very large man Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson probably won’t be headlining the Academy Awards. That being said (and this may just be my extremely low expectations speaking), “Snitch” is not a completely terrible movie.

When his son gets set up in a drug deal and sent to prison, John Matthews (Dwayne Johnson) decides that he will do just about anything to reduce the sentence — even if it means working with the people who busted him in the first place. Enlisting the help of an ex-convict and the local district attorney (Susan Sarandon), Matthews enters the dangerous world of drugs, risking just about everything along the way.

If you go into “Snitch” expecting more than mediocrity, you will be sorely disappointed. There are a few thrilling moments at the beginning and the end, but plenty more dull ones. For about 45 minutes in the middle, it seems as if nothing really happens. The plot itself, raw with emotion, needed more from its actors as a whole. Jon Bernthal (who plays ex-convict Daniel James) is the only notable character, saving multiple scenes from monotony. “The Rock” tries his very best to be a “normal family guy” in the film, and does an adequate job. But it’s still hard to take him seriously as a leading man.

Unless you’ve been dying to see it, “Snitch” can wait. See it when it comes to Netflix and save some money.

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