Student's blog seeks to inspire

A Boundless World is meant to motivate its more than 2,000 readers.
Bud Hennekes, sophomore and personal development blogger, stands under the Memorial Union arch Wednesday. Hennekes runs his own blog called "A Boundless World" and has been featured on numerous other personal development sites.

As they drudge through the final weeks of school before break, many students are seeking inspiration, motivation or maybe just a new outlook on life.

Sophomore Bud Hennekes’ blog “A Boundless World” provides this with more than 100 entries dedicated to helping people conquer their fears and make the most of life.

Hennekes said he was inspired to begin the blog in high school, after the death of his friend.

“I realized I wasn’t doing a lot of the things I wanted to do, like write and share my experiences,” Hennekes said. “I wanted to write for a long time, but his death helped me realize that you don’t always have a lot of time.”

Although the themes of “A Boundless World” are ever-changing, Hennekes said one main idea remains consistent throughout all of his entries.

“The main theme of my blog is freedom, not freedom in the sense of doing anything you want, but freedom emotionally and spiritually,” he said. “It’s really about overcoming negative beliefs that hold you back.”

“A Boundless World” usually receives a couple thousand views per week, Hennekes said. People from more than 50 countries have contacted him about his blog. He attributes a lot of his blog’s popularity to Twitter, where he has almost 2,000 followers.

Despite his blog’s popularity on the Internet, Hennekes said few people at MU know about it.

“It’s a little weird for me to explain it to people at Mizzou,” he said. “Most of my fans are from all over the world. I have been looking for ways to incorporate the Mizzou audience more.”

Chelsea Hulse, a friend of Hennekes’ from his high school, said “A Boundless World” serves a more personal purpose to his friends, as a window into his life through which those close to him can better understand him.

“For me, ‘A Boundless World’ was an opportunity to learn more about Bud as a person,” Hulse said. “He is a really neat person, and it’s cool that I’ve come to understand him more through his blog.”

Hulse said “A Boundless World” has changed since she first began reading it.

“The big thing is professionalism,” Hulse said. “When he started out it was kind of just him putting stuff up there but it has been amazing to watch it evolve. Not only has his writing improved but his ideas have gotten broader.”

Jonathan Anderson, a colleague of Hennekes, has followed “A Boundless World” since its beginnings, and is collaborating with Hennekes on a new blog called “Gluten Chef.”

As someone who has followed “A Boundless World” from the start, Anderson said it has been exciting to watch the blog mature. He said Hennekes’ blog has developed from a way for him to reach out to other people, into a way to help others succeed in life.

“Everyone in this world is looking for a miracle fix or cure to their problems, but ‘A Boundless World’ shows you it is you yourself that is that miracle,” Anderson said. “You have to look at yourself to do something and achieve your dreams.”

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