Tigers for Tigers sponsors cupcake chow down

The winner ate four cupcakes in 60 seconds.

Takeru Kobayashi might have held the world record for competitive hotdog eating for six years straight, but Lindsey O’Dell now holds the MU record for most cupcakes eaten in a minute — and helped save wild tigers while earning her title.

The MU organization, Tigers for Tigers, sponsored a cupcake-eating contest Friday in front of the Life Sciences Building. Competitors paid $3 to scarf down as many homemade treats as they could in a minute, with the proceeds benefitting the Save the Tiger Fund.

O’Dell managed to eat four cupcakes in the allotted 60 second time period, beating the other competitors. As the winner of the competition, she received a custom-made t-shirt and a $20 gift card to the bookstore.

“(The cupcakes) were actually pretty good,” O’Dell said. “They were definitely a nice, moist consistency and baked at the adequate time. And, they were black and gold and very tiger-esque for the tigers.”

Jennifer Smith, a senior and president of Tigers for Tigers, said the cupcake-eating contest was designed as an opportunity to involve students with Tigers for Tigers who might not normally get involved otherwise.

“We thought it would be a fun, unique fundraising opportunity to get the rest of the school involved,” Smith said.

In pursuing its goal of tiger conservation and awareness, Tigers for Tigers chooses a different charity each year to donate the proceeds of its fundraisers to.

“Each year we pick a different tiger-related cause,” Smith said. “We’re hoping to raise awareness about tigers and tiger conservation, and also raise money for tiger conservation,” Smith said.

Tony Thorpe, cupcake competitor and MU research associate, came to the competition because of his fondness for cupcakes, but also to support the group’s cause.

“They’re a great group,” Thorpe said. “Tigers in the wild are a diminishing phenomenon. There are way more tigers in captivity than in the wild.”

Tiger for Tigers currently has about 50 members, many of whom were responsible for baking the cupcakes for the competition.

“All of the different group members made the cupcakes,” Smith said. “Some money was donated from Gerbes (grocery store) to make more cupcakes, so we probably had around 200 or 300.”

Although the turnout wasn’t quite what the organizers expected, Smith said the event was still fun and beneficial.

“We just like to get our name out there and raise awareness,” Smith said.

Because of the number of cupcakes baked for the competition, Tigers for Tigers sold the remaining treats for 50 cents each. Overall, Thorpe felt that the effort was worthwhile.

“(I would) definitely compete again,” Thorpe said. “It was worth three bucks (for me) to eat three cupcakes. I might have eaten them slower though.”

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