Dyad Strategies releases scathing report of MU Office of Greek Life

The report offers a critical review of and recommendations for MU’s Greek system.

The Dyad Strategies report analyzing MU’s Greek system was released by Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Gary Ward on Oct. 26.

The report was severely critical of the Office of Greek Life, citing a lack of strategic focus, communication and support, inadequate chapter development and resource allocation as major areas of concern.

The report goes on to list a number of areas of potential risk exposure, which include unregistered social events, syllabus week, hazing and substance abuse.

The report also addressed boys being allowed to live in their fraternity houses freshman year, citing the “problematic environment” this creates for freshmen. The report cites statistics that claim MU fraternity men who live in Greek housing their freshman year perform lower academically, contrary to MU’s own data on the same subject.

In addition to potential risks, the report identified salient sentiments within the Greek culture. After meeting with student leaders, the consulting firm found that many of them feel as though the “university is out to get [them],” and the only time Greek students hear from the university is “when there is a problem.”

Another recurring theme was students of color not feeling supported by the university. Members of culturally-based fraternal organizations reported feeling that there is not as much financial support or available housing for their smaller chapters. Members also feel that there is not enough cross-cultural programming between culturally-based chapters and historically white chapters.

“Inclusion just does not seem to be a priority for this institution,” one student said in the report.

The report then discussed in great detail eight focus areas for the university in order to combat the issues outlined in the report. According to the report, these eight focus areas are “of philosophical nature” and are necessary for providing “clarity regarding Mizzou’s relationship with fraternities and sororities.”

The firm urges the university to articulate a concise framework for existing programs and services and a clear purpose related to the functions of the Office of Greek Life. In addition, the report discusses how the office should establish relationships and community standards among fraternity and sorority councils, member organizations and chapter advisors.

In regards to collecting data and using it for strategic planning, the firm believes that the office has done an insufficient job in developing a tangible assessment plan. In response, the report outlined steps the office should take in order to “develop a more strategic approach to assessment and planning.”

The report also has a table that includes the adjudication process for various types of violations. Examples of these violations are listed out and ranked based on a tier system, with Tier 1 being lower-level penalties and Tier 3 being high-level violations.

Aside from how to better the system from within, the report includes focus areas concerning the office’s relationship with outside groups and organizations. These areas define ways the office should program with divisional departments, external stakeholders and culturally-based fraternal organizations.

The report concluded with an overall summary of what the office must do to better itself going forward. Dyad Strategies recommended that the office “improve its communication, its training and development programs and work with intentionality and a spirit of partnership.”

Students involved in Greek organizations at MU who were contacted for this story were generally unaware of the report and its claims.

The Office of Greek Life declined to comment. The MU Panhellenic Association and the MU Interfraternity Council did not return requests for comment.

Edited by Sarah Hallam | shallam@themaneater.com

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