1955 Maneater policy

NOTE: This policy appeared in the first issue of The Maneater (published Feb. 18, 1955).

A newspaper has a personality of its own. That personality dictates the editorial policy, and the writers, from the editor on down, must melt their individual differences into the personality of the paper itself.

The Maneater by its very name cannot content itself with merely presenting the news. For a newspaper to attempt to walk the fine line of impartiality or to present both sides without indicating where it stands is to commit suicide both in circulation figures and in the minds of its readers.

The Maneater is a tiger with fangs bared and claws sharpened ready to analyze the facts and then to pounce. A tiger exists because it is, and not for one group or another.

The Maneater recognizes no vested interest, no political party, no group, no matter how powerful. As a publication of the student body of the University of Missouri, the vital consideration must ever be to the entire student body of this university.

The editorials will be aimed toward what is right and against what is wrong. They will be the results of a staff fitting themselves to the personality implied and evident in the vital name of The Maneater.

Joel J. Gold


February 1955

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