28 MacBook Pros reported stolen from MU warehouse

More than $25,000 worth of equipment has been confirmed stolen.

The MU Police Department reported 28 laptops stolen Aug. 23 from MU’s Rock Quarry Distribution Center.

More than $25,000 worth of equipment was confirmed stolen Tuesday from the building, located at 1400 Rock Quarry Road, MUPD Capt. Scott Richardson said.

Thirteen of the missing laptops were MacBook Pros model MC372LL/A and 15 were MacBook Pros model MC723LL/A.

“Fifteen of them that were valued at $1,999 a piece, and 13 of them were valued at $1,599 a piece,” Richardson said.

The missing laptops were discovered during a quarterly inventory check, Student Auxiliary Services spokeswoman Michelle Froese said. She said depending on the item, there is either a quarterly or monthly inventory check.

Froese said 13 were reported as thefts while there are indications the other 15 are missing due to paperwork errors.

“What they can verify right now is that there are 13 that are simply not there that should be there, so those are the 13 that have been reported as a theft,” she said. “Usually you can track down if there’s an issue with transferring paperwork error but these 13 cannot be accounted for at all so they’re the ones we believe are stolen.”

For security reasons, Froese did not say what else is stored in the distribution center.

MUPD is still investigating the situation, but Richardson said investigators have followed up on some leads.

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