90th Annual Tap Day welcomes over 60 new students into six honor societies

The students who were inducted were secretly selected throughout the year.
Inductees into the Mystical Seven join hands on stage before their reveal on Tap Day on April 14, 2017.

It’s no secret that traditions are taken very seriously at MU, and one of the most historic traditions continued Friday at the 90th annual Tap Day in Jesse Auditorium.

Tap Day is a ceremony occurring every spring that identifies new members of the six recognized secret honor societies on campus. The tradition dates back to 1927, when the first Tap Day was conducted on Francis Quadrangle by the columns.

To be “tapped” is considered a great honor. Students and faculty can both be tapped into these societies for various different reasons including selflessness, community service and leadership skills.

There are six recognized secret societies at MU: QEBH, Mystical Seven, LSV, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa and the Rollins Society. Only initiated members know what their societies’ letters mean and what the true inner workings of each society are.

Each society leads their selected individuals, or “taps,” on stage to be revealed. Taps wear long robes and hoods masking their faces, which are taken off by previously inducted members once they are announced to be in the society.

Junior Brandon Splitter, who was tapped into the Omicron Delta Kappa honor society, was aware of the high honor that came with Tap Day.

“I knew about [Tap Day] since I came to Mizzou for Summer Welcome, and I realized that it is an amazing opportunity and is one of the things that really sets Mizzou apart from other schools,” Splitter said. “It was just an incredible experience.”

Each honor society is different. The LSV secret honor society selects its members one year prior to Tap Day, and members carry out service throughout the year in secret. LSV recognizes men and women who “continually strive to promote and improve the status of women on campus.”

Olivia Webster, a junior psychology student who was tapped into LSV, is a member of the Delta Xi Nu multicultural sorority and works with women on campus to make sure that their voices are being properly heard.

“It was an exciting feeling,” Webster said. “I wanted to cry. Everybody else was crying, but I was just too nervous to.”

Here is list of students inducted into the honor societies:


Nosakhare Eke

Nolan Michael Gromacki

Nissi Kunjummen

Kate Marxkors

Sean Earl

Rachel Tiedemann

Jack Schimpf

Mystical Seven

Jazmyn Ferguson

Ana Perez

Keisha Avery

Jake Boeding

Frankie Hawkins

James Farley

Jacob Ruboneka


Michaela Tucker

Melissa Banuelos

Alecia McLean

Katie Williams

Stephanie Hernandez Rivera

Olivia Webster

Mortar Board

Cole Young

Mary Grace Kelly

Jennifer Prohov

Courtney Harris

Jessica Stromsdorfer

Kyle Wansing

Maha Hamed

Julie Hale

Kelly Dougherty

Martha Allen

Taylor Cofield

Melissa Roider

Zoe Boomgarden

Taylor M. Harrington

Swee-Yang Ashley Yong

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK)

Stephanie Atkinson

Jessica DeMunbrun

Colin Dolan

Michael Dotzel

Tyler Emery

Sarah Gillespie

Alyssa Goldberg

Shruti Gulati

Mary Catherine Heger

Ashley Killough

Austin Killough

Mary Klarsch

Hannah Linsky

Charlotte Paras

Lauren Puckett

Hughes Ransom

Nick Seidel

Brandon Splitter

Madison Stanze

Josh Stockton

Rylee Stoulil

Gabrielle Vest

Taylor Walker

Jenna Wintemberg

Emma Worgul

Rollins Society

Rachel Bauer

Jacqueline Gamboa Varela

Ashley Price

Patricia Quackenbush

Eric Scott

Simona Simkins

Tipperat Udmuangpia

Nadege Uwase

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