AAA hosts Asian American Awareness Month

Activities throughout the month range from a theater performance to a formal dance.

In prior years, only a week was dedicated to Asian American Awareness Month, but this year, 14 events throughout April will be dedicated to educating students and creating a community for Asian-American students.

“In the past we've only had a week dedicated to Asian American Awareness,” said Victoria Yu, internal vice president of Asian American Association. “We're trying to get more people involved and increase attendance rates across all of our events. Our events are quite diverse this year — ranging from a food tasting to a fashion show to guest speakers to comedians to workshops and ending with a formal banquet to wrap up the whole month.”

The events during the month are held depending on the AAA's umbrella organizations, members, officers and authority groups. For example, the South Asian Student Association is bringing the comedian Hari Kondabolu on Monday, and Alpha Phi Gamma, an Asian-American sorority, is hosting a formal dance on April 20.

Yo said one of the events she is most excited for is the Hereandnow Theatre Company performance on April 13.

“Hereandnow Theatre Company tours across the nation performing a variety of theatrical sketches, which present the unique Asian-American perspectives,” she said. “Its inspiration comes from a group of Asian-Americans frustrated by the lack of non-stereotypical roles in plays, musicals, television and film. Hereandnow is bringing its stories to Mizzou to celebrate Asian American Awareness month.”

AAA Advocacy Chair Young Kwon said she highly recommends the Hoan Do Presentation, in which Hoan Do, a college success coach, tells students how to be successful in college and beyond.

“Hoan Do … shares his life experiences and inspires audiences to succeed in a multicultural society,” Yu said. “He has spoken to numerous recognized corporations worldwide. Hoan Do will be unveiling efficient methods to live a rewarding college life and build a strong future.”

Other notable events include a variety show on April 22 with live performances, a fashion show and plenty of snacks. Later in the month, on April 27, the South Asian Students Association formal will feature Indian food, music by DJ Rafat, a dance floor and performance by Mizzou Masti.

The awareness month will conclude with the annual AAA Spring Banquet on May 3 at the Reynolds Alumni Center. Jim Spain, vice provost of undergraduate studies and director of the Student Success Center, will be the guest speaker.

“We were hoping to offer everyone in the community a chance to learn about Asian-American issues, get a glimpse of Asian culture and have fun at the same time,” Yu said.

As the voice of the Asian-American students at MU, the AAA holds the awareness month to encourage students to support or learn more about Asian-American issues.

“The number of Asian American students takes up about only 2 percent of MU students,” Kwon said. “They are a really small population and minority. But we, a minority 
organization on campus, can build connections for them to reach out to the communities on campus."

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