After delay, Division of IT installs wireless in new student center

DoIT installed wireless three weeks after groups moved into the building.
Tim Noce, Missouri Students Association Campus and Community Relations chairman, uses an cable to connect to the Internet last week due to unreliable MizzouWireless service in the new student center. Cell phone reception and wireless connectivity have been affected by construction in the area.

The Division of Information Technology installed wireless Internet on the top floor of the new student center Friday morning, three weeks after student organizations moved there from A022 Brady Commons.

DoIT Director Terry Robb said remaining construction around the new student center and within Brady Commons might affect wireless access in certain areas of the new student center. The renovation of Brady Commons might continue to affect wireless access.

"Depending on the construction and signal propagation, there may be more or fewer access points," Robb said.

The top floor of the new student center, which houses the offices of the Missouri Students Association, the Legion of Black Collegians, the Board of Elections Commissioners and other student organizations, has been the only floor not set up for wireless Internet access since construction was finished.

"We had completed work on the basement and the first floor at the end of construction," Robb said. "We installed the top floor last Friday as part of our normal work order process. The only delay I know of was getting the appropriate account code to complete the order."

Robb said the wireless Internet was installed the day after DoIT received the account code.

"We got the order for the wireless on March 4 but didn't have the access code until Thursday," Robb said. "We installed the wireless as soon as possible on Friday."

Wireless Internet access also saves the student organizations in the new student center money. The organizations on the top floor pay to use data ports that are for Ethernet use. In February MSA paid $763 for data ports.

"If we can use wireless Internet, that means we need fewer data points and, as a result, it costs us much less money," former MSA Senate Speaker Jonathan Mays said.

Robb said DoIT chose not to change the brand of equipment used for wireless access in Brady Commons.

"There is no longer WEP access in Brady Commons, as it was phased out in December," Robb said. "The access points (in the new student center) are the same brand and type as those in the old part of Brady Commons."

Cell phone reception in the new student center is also an issue for student organizations residing on the top floor.

Jeff Zeilenga, assistant vice chancellor for student affairs, said cell phone reception is often an issue in newly constructed buildings on campus.

"We still don't have adequate cell phone coverage in the new student center," Zeilenga said. "However, that's not a problem that really surfaced until we got people in the building and working, which just recently happened."

Zeilenga said construction materials are probably the cause of cell phone reception issues in the new student center.

"The remaining construction around the new student center is what causes the cell phone problems and that should clear up in time," Zeilenga said.

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