Athletics Department introduces ticket-scanning system

The department hopes new ticket scanners will speed up entry into the stadium.

In conjunction with the Missouri Students Association, the Athletics Department will introduce electronic ticket scanners to expedite entry into Memorial Stadium this football season.

“The purpose of (the scanners) from a customer service standpoint is to make it a quicker process of getting into the stadium,” Athletics Department spokesman Chad Moller said. “We’re hopeful that it will make for a much easier experience for everybody on game day.”

The scanners are set to replace the previous system, which required each student to be given a bracelet upon entry. MSA President Tim Noce said eliminating this process will put an end to the extended wait times experienced last season.

“You have a barcode on your ticket, and they just scan it as you come in,” Noce said. “It should make the process much faster than last season.”

Ticket scanning technology is already in place at both professional and some college sports venues around the country. Trevor Kraus, a former usher at St. Louis’ Scottrade Center and MU sophomore, said he believes the scanners will make a big difference at MU.

“Ticket scanners make the entry process much easier for both ticketholders and staff members,” Kraus said.

Senior Justin Krutewicz said he remembers a long wait before last season’s home game against Nebraska.

“I think the scanners are a great idea, and they will make things run a lot smoother,” Krutewicz said.

In addition to implementing the scanners, MSA and the Athletics Department have created a new seating area for student groups. Noce said many student groups were unhappy with last season’s system and the new plan will allow student organizations to actually sit together at games this season.

“One of the largest complaints we heard was that group seating wasn’t group seating anymore, it was just general admission, and they called it group seating,” Noce said. “Now, the entry gates are completely different, and hopefully, everything will be streamlined.”

Members of student organizations can now enter through gate 3E and will be seated on the northeast end of the stadium. Once the game gets underway, any seats remaining in the group seating section will be opened to the general student population. Noce said this will address the issue of overflow in the general student section.

The addition of the ticket scanners and the new group seating section are the only changes to the ticketing system implemented last season.

“Once we got past the first game last year, where there were some challenges of a new system, we got the routine down pretty well and had pretty positive feedback overall on how we did it,” Moller said. “So that’s what we’re carrying forward into this year, and we’re just tweaking a few things to make it even better.”

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