ATO returns after four-year absence

The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity hopes to regain its charter in 12 to 18 months.

Three years after their charter was revoked from MU, the men of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity are returning to campus. Starting Aug. 27, two staff members from the fraternity will attempt to generate interest about the return of the Greek chapter.

“It is fairly clear in the record why ATO left campus in 2008, and with that comes a certain responsibility on our part to leave that in the past,” Director of Expansion Bobby Grangier said.  “ATO is returning to campus this fall because of our very long history and tradition with the University as the Gamma Rho Chapter of ATO and we hope to continue that positive relationship once again this fall.”

In 2006, Alpha Tau Omega caused $10,000 worth of damage to Lakeside Resort in the Ozarks and received sanctions from the school and the Greek Life committee for its behavior. Two years later, the fraternity was under investigation by campus officials and left campus after the spring semester ended.

“The fraternity has not yet gained the charter,” Grangier said. “The colonization process will begin in August and run through the colony timeline that ATO has set up for its new colonies.  Once on this timeline, the charter should be regained within 12 to 18 months.”

Grangier worked with MU with the intent that the fraternity would be allowed to return to campus soon. Three years later, the Omegas will attempt to recolonize their chapter this fall.

“Over the last 3 years, we have worked hand in hand with our Missouri alumni and with campus administrators,” Grangier said. “In April of last year, members of ATO’s staff, including myself, were hosted on campus and gathered information that will help us be successful upon our return this fall."

To help Omega return to campus, William Filmore and Jordan Fischette will serve as leadership consultants.

“This fraternity has changed me so deeply and profoundly that I could never put into words just how grateful I am,” Fischette said. “ATO is and will always be the place I find a friend, my retreat when times are rough and my fraternity.”

To regain its charter, the fraternity must operate as an un-housed chapter for one year. According to Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity, they hope that there will be a reestablished house at MU next fall.

“Everyone’s excited because there’s going to be a new group,” Interfraternity Council President Mike Zeiter said. “Their alumni have been very strong in helping them come back.”

During the 2008 school year, police were called to the Omega house 25 times. Filmore is hopeful that new MU students will be receptive to the fraternity returning to campus, despite their prior media attention.

“The growth for ATO at Mizzou is not necessarily about the number of members it has, but about making the university and community better,” Filmore said. “As long as the brotherhood can thrive and continue to make a difference on campus and in the Columbia area, then the chapter will be successful and grow in not only its size but more importantly its sphere of influence.”

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