Bah Humbug

'Tis the season to be jolly. For some: maybe not.

Some students don't like this time of year - and for a number of reasons.

Sophomore Derek Huffman said he hates getting clothes that do not fit and must be returned the next day.

"I also hate getting gift certificates because they are boring and disappoint me," he said.

And some students cannot stand shopping with the holiday crowds. Freshman Stephanie Emert said she will always hate the Christmas shopping season unless people change their ways.

"People are not as friendly and are very aggressive around this time of year," Emert said.

Kevin Wittey, a Hatch Hall community adviser, said he also hates shopping for gifts during the holidays.

"I like to give gifts, but I hate the stress of fighting crowds to find the right gift," he said.

Some said the holidays have become too materialistic.

"We turn a spiritual holiday into a holiday where we spend money we don't have, and we care for people we usually don't care for any other time of the year," said freshman Marcia Chatelain.

Chatelain said she has felt this way ever since her family stopped putting up a Christmas tree and buying gifts.

Freshman Crystal Wooden echoed Chatelain's viewpoint.

"Going to stores to search for the perfect gift defeats the purpose of the season," Wooden said.

She said she has two friends who feel the same way she does because they were never able to give and never had much.

"As long as people feel they need to show love through gifts, my feelings will never change," she said.

Some students don't enjoy the holidays simply because all of their family cannot be together.

"We never have Christmas just on Christmas Day because we have family in different states, and everyone can't make it at the same time," said freshman Michelle Jesse.

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