Barbecue from around the world cooked fresh at Do Mundo's

Read about the different homemade options across the Student Center during The Maneater’s six-week series.

For when you’re feeling discontented with Dobbs, the Student Center offers a wide variety of fresh food options that are made mostly from scratch.

Eric Cartwright, the executive chef of Campus Dining Services, gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the six restaurants in the Student Center’s main level.

This is the third installment in a six-week series. Each week, we explore a new place to eat in the Student Center. This week, we’re discussing Do Mundo’s.

Do Mundo’s is a churrascaria, meaning they cook some of their meats using a traditional Brazilian rotisserie-style barbecue.

“Do Mundo’s Churrascaria,” is Portuguese for ‘of the world’s barbecue,’” Cartwright says. “It’s a barbecue restaurant, but we try and represent barbecue not just what we would have in Kansas City and St. Louis, but barbecue that you might get from around the world.”

The restaurant has a worldly focus, but all the meats are either smoked or grilled in the Student Center. The turkey is marinated for 24 hours in a sauce with honey and cayenne, then smoked every morning. The pulled pork is rubbed with a dry rub unique to Do Mundo’s, then put in the smoker for 11 hours overnight and shredded by hand in the morning.

The beef and chicken are cooked on the churrasca.

“We prepare (the beef) the exact way they would in Brazil or at a Brazilian steakhouse, and that is simply we rub them with coarse sea salt, we let that sit on there for about 15 minutes, and we shake off the excess and put it on the spit and cook it until it’s a nice medium,” Cartwright says.

Nearly all the sides are made from scratch also. The mashed potatoes start as whole potatoes mixed with fresh garlic, milk and butter. The baked beans are cooked in a cast-iron Dutch oven right in the smoker. And the macaroni and cheese is made from American and cheddar cheeses: “There’s no Velveeta in that,” he says.

“Personally, it’s one of my favorite restaurants,” Cartwright says. “It’s good food, but I don’t think a lot of people … realize how fresh and from scratch everything is. And if you go to other barbecue restaurants in town, (Do Mundo’s is) very competitive price-wise, with the amount of food you’re going to get.”

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