Ben Levin chosen as ASUM president

The MSA legislative advocacy position Levin originally intended to fill will be assumed by Camille Hosman.

Senior Ben Levin's term as the new president of the Associated Students of the University of Missouri begins June 1.

Last semester, ASUM focused on voter registration with its Let Your Vote Roar campaign. This upcoming year – with the Missouri legislature out of session and no upcoming election – Levin said he plans to focus on educating students and rebuilding ASUM.

“I want to increase ASUM’s campus presence to make it more visible and collaborate more with campus political organizations,” Levin said.

Levin had been working as a legislative coordinator for the Missouri Students Association during the Spring 2013 semester. ASUM Legislative Director Corbin Evans, who helped choose Levin as ASUM president, said Levin’s MSA experience benefited him.

“(Levin) had unique experience with how ASUM and MSA work together,” Evans said. “He has worked with the voting campaign this year (and the) More for Less (campaign). This gives him advantages moving forward in this position.”

Levin was originally going to become MSA’s legislative advocacy officer once the current LAO Samantha Green graduated and vacated the position.

“It made more sense for me as … someone who worked around ASUM and MSA a lot to step into a role that has had not so great relations with MSA to improve collaboration between the organizations,” Levin said.

Levin said he would still be an MSA senator and an unofficial member of the MSA cabinet.

Camille Hosman, the president of Tigers Against Partisan Politics, will become the new LAO. She said she began training last week.

Hosman, who will remain a co-president of TAPP next year, said her role as LAO is different from her role in TAPP. TAPP focuses on education from local to international politics, and the LAO focuses on finding issues that students care about and creating plans for them, Hosman said.

“It’s more about action and reaching out to students,” she said.

Hosman also plans to work with ASUM as a representative of the MU undergraduate student body.

“My job as LAO won’t decrease my facetime with legislators,” she said. “I want to build connections that lead Mizzou into the future.”

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