Big XII Council on Black Student Government, One Mizzou big topics at joint senate

The meeting included leaders from LBC, MSA, RHA and Four Front.

The Legion of Black Collegians hosted a joint session meeting Tuesday. Joint session meetings, which included student leaders from LBC, the Missouri Students Association, the Residence Halls Association and Four Front, take place once per semester.

The LBC put forth a resolution seeking support from other student groups in their pursuit for MU to remain a part of the Big XII Council on Black Student Government, despite the university’s move to the Southeastern Conference.

The resolution passed with an overwhelming majority.

“LBC has historical ties to the Big XII Council on Black Student Government,” LBC President Whitney Williams said.

The Big XII Council was founded at MU.

“We want to make sure the university knows we want to remain a part of the council, at least for the foreseeable future,” Williams said.

Williams cited the University of Nebraska, who was not supported by the administration to participate in the Big XII Council after their move to the Big Ten athletic conference in 2011.

The Big XII Council on Black Student Government is the only one of its kind connected to any athletic conference. The SEC does not have a similar group.

“The point of the council extends beyond the athletic conference,” Williams said. “If the Big XII falls and all those schools are redistributed, we could have to change the name.”

Leaders of the One Mizzou movement also spoke at the meeting, discussing the plans for the future.

There are three movements on campus that use the name “One Mizzou”: the original student initiative, the athletic brand and Chancellor Brady Deaton’s "2020 Vision."

“The One Mizzou branding has gotten away from the original One Mizzou,” Four Front Chairman Sean Nahlik said.

The athletic brand, which can be found on t-shirts and banners around campus as well as in ads featuring prominent MU athletes, is not connected to the student initiative.

“We’re kind of keeping this group more tight-knit,” Nahlik said.

The purpose of the student initiative is to educate students about diversity on campus.

“We feel like there is so much going on that we think there should be one place for students to go to that information,” Williams said.

Other legislation discussed included a resolution in support of RHA bidding for the 2013 National Association of College and University Residence Halls conference.

“It is an opportunity to really show off Mizzou,” RHA Speaker of Congress Kathy Rudd said.

If MU receives the conference, it would be held in May 2013, when school is out of session.

MSA also promoted a bill that would declare support for improved emergency communications in the state of Missouri. The legislation would make it possible for anyone in Missouri to send text and picture messages to emergency dispatchers.

The updates to the system would be beneficial to people with impaired hearing who may not be able to make a phone call. David Wettroth, MSA Senator and Maneater staff member, spoke on the benefits of the bill.

“It’s beneficial if you are hard of hearing and someone broke into your house and you don’t want to give up your position,” he said.

RHA will host next semester's joint session.

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