Burglary suspect linked with larcenies on MU property

Evidence was found at the suspect's house to link him to larcenies.

An off-campus burglary could be linked with on-campus larcenies.

A woman entered her garage Wednesday in the 200 block of Texas Avenue and encountered a man there, a Columbia Police Department news release stated.

CPD Capt. Brad Nelson said police think her garage door was open at the time.

The victim immediately reported the incident to the police and the suspect drove away on a bicycle.

An officer was able to locate the suspect, Shane E. Crawford, 21, of Columbia, in the area of N. Creasy Springs Road and Texas Avenue after about a half hour.

Police found evidence on Crawford that was able to positively tie him to the burglary, the release stated.

The news release also stated during the investigation, information was developed which might link Crawford to several other larcenies.

Police found items at Crawford’s house that might link him to several larcenies at MU’s Rusk Rehabilitation Center, Nelson said.

MU Police Department Capt. Brian Weimer said vehicles were broken into at the rehabilitation center and the incidents might be related to the city’s incidents. He also said MUPD’s investigators will be working with the city’s investigators to solve the cases.

The incident on Wednesday at Texas Avenue was a random occurrence, Nelson said.

In addition to finding items that related him to the larcenies at the Rusk Rehabilitation Center, Nelson said police found items at Crawford’s house that have tied him to other larcenies. The case is still under investigation.

No one was injured during the robbery.

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